Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

I’m a feminazi. I laugh at men, but not at their stupid jokes. I want to take away their porn—erm, sorry, I mean “free speech.” I won’t fuck them or flirt with them. I don’t find them interesting. I think they look like mutants. I hate…I hate…

Let’s talk about hate.

Men have raped me, not once, not twice, not three times…Turns out they did this to most women. And I’ve been a whore, that young woman who couldn’t afford food until she found some sweet guy who offered to put his dick in my ass in exchange for groceries. Drink. Drink enough and you can do it too.

Men, when I leave my house, will always do one of these things: harass me on the street, ogle me up and down with a rapey stare, or crash into me on the sidewalk. Hey, have you noticed that when women walk past men, women move out of his way? Yup. I call this cute game “dodge asshole,” but some women would more aptly call this “make way for your master.”

The hairy man is telling me again that I’m a hairy lesbian because I have body hair in all the same places that he does, minus the beard. Now the mutant guy is telling me I look like a man because I don’t plaster my face with chemical colors—suddenly I look like human being, not a clown. My ass is too big, says this boyfriend. No, I like juicy asses and your nice “budunkadunk,” says that boyfriend. No, it’s too small, said another boyfriend. They all liked my mind: intelligence is sexy. One wanted to fuck my brain, he said. He wanted to fuck me unconscious, he said. No matter what, I am some man’s kinky fetish, and he’ll let me know. The last one, my employer, said that I’m a butch lesbian (or did he say bull dyke?) and he finds that sexy—he’ll get down my pants, he promised. Oh, hey, thanks boss! Now I can quit my job in a recession and struggle to pay the bills again or put up with this shit. (I bet all this stuff happens to men all the time—daily, like it does to me). Maybe I can find some sweet guy to stick his dick in my ass again if I lose this job—my boss says my feminism is FAR too radical because I refuse to fuck him.

Did I mention the boyfriend who tried to kill me for not being a virgin, or the 31-year-old who locked me in a closet when I was 16 for trying to leave him? Did I tell you about the oodles of Nice Guys giving me great advice: “then why’d you stay with him?” Let’s repeat this again: one tried to kill me, and the other locked me in a closet for trying to leave him. He told me if I left, he’d kill me. Why didn’t I just leave him? Better question: how did you manage to be alive today? You’d better recognize. I’m a high-functioning “dodge asshole” machine by now. Throw me a man with a bat, a rapist, a groper, a creepy boss. Throw me a sadist, a pervert, a john, or a pedophile. I dodge that shit like magic.

Freud says this is all because I want to fuck my dad. My ex-shrink said it’s cause I have too much trauma, that’s why (why are the rapists never in therapy, only the raped?) God says this is all cause I do not worship him and his son. You know what that guy on the internet just said? He said it’s cause I’m just like Hitler.

Yeah, let’s go there too, then.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, wait wait! Just look at this list of dictators and tyrants. All men. Where it says “regime type” I want to edit and put: patriarchy. I laugh in men’s faces. Obviously it’s just like killing 20 million people. I’m such a feminazi.

And then the army they send you: All men or almost all men. You know what armies of men do to the women in the territories they invade? Well, do you? Don’t play stupid now. Everyone knows this.

9/11: Was it Al Qaeda or an inside job? You know who it was for sure. It was men.

Every school shooting ever: Men.

Throwing acid in women’s faces: Men again.

Stoning women to death: that’s the menz.

Kidnapping brides: Men.

Rape rape rape rape rape RAAAAAPE: Men.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Men built nuclear weapons, men started that war, men dropped those nukes.

Why are women 70% of the people living in poverty globally? Well, then, who has all the money? That’s men again.

And 30% of women globally are beaten or sexually assaulted; that’s a lot of PTSD. Freud, I think I have found the penis you were always going on about: men did this.

Al Qaeda: Men

The Muslim Brotherhood: Men.

The Government of the United States until wild women protested: Rich, white, landowning men who could read. Did you know that these men gave the right to vote to all former slave men before they gave this right to “free” women?

Let’s talk about who really is on top in this world: Men.

Who’s really on top in bed: Men. Yes, I just went there. They’re fucking us unconscious.

And I hate them.

I want to stop their wars and take away their guns. I want to stop their rape and take away their porn. I want to stop their hegemony and take away their seats in all governments globally. Because they can’t handle it. They just bomb everything, rape everyone, and then hoard loads of trees with numbers written on them so that they can exchange them for toys. For fucking toys. There is nothing else that much money will buy, and goddess knows you cannot buy divinity, though they try. People are dying of starvation and I see them—these men with their flattened, painted trees—whipping out cash to buy the latest iPhone, assembled courtesy of the global proletariat in a factory in a third world country, plastic extracted from our mother Earth to create this little electronic contraption, cause we need more shit. That’s what we need. More random shit while others starve. Who organized this fucking system? Men again!

And what about my sisters? What the hell happened to women? Where were we? You mean to tell me this whole shit situation was created by penis-having dudebros? The wars. The poverty. The inequality. The exploitation of the planet. The countless broken souls because they have been violated in some way. Yeah, men created this system. Women, since patriarchy took hold, were hanging on by a thread. We tried to revolt a few times and were given the male treatment: rape, murder, imprisonment. All patriarchal societies, historically, had excessively more laws on their books regarding what women could and could not do than they did for males. For example, women couldn’t leave the house here, and women couldn’t own property there, and women didn’t even have NAMES there, but were just called “jacob’s-woman” for example. How lovely! Then over there, women were literally and legally slaves—every single one of them, and their “husbands” (ehem, owners) had the right to chop off their body parts and sell them. Their husbands were allowed to legally murder them. Didn’t women revolt? One such example of women not obeying this shit is The Burning Times. Female genocide—femicide—was the result. Thanks to femicide, there are 50 million women missing on this planet just right now, not counting history. Makes us easier to dominate when our numbers are reduced. We’ll be here all day and I’ll vomit if I continue, but here is our herstory.

Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

Let me tell you about the part of me that longs for total liberation as a human being and doesn’t think men have this plan for me and my sisters. Let me tell you about how this evil feminazi laughs in their faces when they call me a bitch. Let me tell you about my traitor ways: I will not have sex with them. I will not touch them. I do not trust them. When I walk out my door, and another one comes rubbing up on me, cooing into my ear, trying to get the hairy, make-up free radical feminist to fuck him, I want to pummel his face with my fist. The rage of a cat backed into a corner. Cause I know what men do, what they are, what they have done throughout patriarchal history. I know they erased the records, and only now are we digging up the truth. We’re finding out that god used to be a woman, a Goddess, and she didn’t think women should obey their husbands. Oh, contraire! We used to have peaceful matriarchies all over the world!

And I laugh. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh because I am too tired to explain this again and again and again.

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." – Margaret Atwood

Read some herstory. Read some herstory. Read some herstory. And while you’re at it, have a long hard look at the news. This is our point in time on that patriarchal timeline of hell on Earth. Our generation is the continuation of that horrific tale.

Then you can tell me what hate looks like.

“For women, getting angry is socially unacceptable, even when the anger is over violence, discrimination, misogyny, and other forms of oppression. Anger is unacceptable because angry women are women in touch with their passion and power, especially in relation to men, which threatens the entire patriarchal order. It’s unacceptable because it forces men to confront the reality of male privilege and women’s oppression and their involvement in it, even if only as passive beneficiaries. Women’s anger challenges men to acknowledge attempts to trivialize oppression with “I was only kidding." And women’s anger is unacceptable to men who look to women to take care of them, to prop up their need to feel in control, and to support them in their competition with other men. When women are less than gracious and good-humored about their own oppression, men often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, at a loss, and therefore vulnerable." – Allan G. Johnson

And when you say, “Why do you spend so much time being angry like this? Why don’t you be more positive. Don’t think about such sad things.”

Yeah, I will remember that when it’s you being raped. When it’s you being beaten. When it’s you who hasn’t enough to eat and are joining the global women in poverty. I’ll remember that your recommendation was apathy.

No. Instead I’ll remember when women were warriors. We are warriors.

“So how do you manage to stay sane with all this on your mind?”

I don’t. That’s the simple truth. I’m a little bit disturbed all of the time, and extremely horrified the rest of the time—I’m awake to see that the world is a fucking madhouse.

Peace and tranquility is found when I am with my sisters, only my sisters. This is why female-only space is forbidden. That’s where we recharge, get our strength. That’s where women help each other, lend a hand, lift each other up.

Loving women is the most hateful thing you can do to men.

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292 thoughts on “Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

  1. I know they have me as a sex toy, and i have them as my walking atm. I dont need them to validate my self worth. Besides, in “dating” they also view you as a sex toy anyway, they just want to dupe you as well. I see men as my atms and sex toys. The ones im attracted to are my boytoys and they love to be objectified and treated like a naughty masturbation machine lol.

  2. Yes, and isn’t it a horrible arrangement? Why do you even engage in a life of objectification, dehumanization, and superficiality? Is there anything you believe is worth fighting for? Have you just cashed in your heart? Where is your internal compass? Where is your sense of self? Who are you anyways then? Your life, as you describe it, is loaded with exploitative exchanges and shallow experiences between humans. Do you wish for NOTHING more for yourself, your children, and the world?

  3. Men are shallow creatures and i cant change them. Being idealistic is nice, but life is what it is. I dont have children anymore they are adopted out, they have autism i couldnt handle. They are male. I dont want more kids. I live a life of hedonism and i give my heart only to my mother. Everyone else is just out for themselves, especially men. I try to enjoy my life we are all here temporarily.

  4. “Ive had an issue lately with clients ask if Im single and I tell them I dont date or want a relationship. This bothers them very much (i have no idea why) and they try to convince me otherwise.”

    You have no idea why? But this seems obvious. They want free access to your body 24/7, for as many weeks, months or years as suits them. You said it yourself, didn’t you, when you wrote: “Besides, in ‘dating’ they also view you as a sex toy anyway, they just want to dupe you as well.”

    I have no doubt that one of the fastest, most direct routes to utter contempt for men is via so-called “sex work.” But contempt or hatred for men is not, in itself, a political position or analysis. What I mean is that a woman’s contempt for men, justified as it is, does not work to equalize her relationships with them. And nor is equalizing our relationships with men (customers, boyfriends, husbands, bosses, etc.) the point.

    But, I get the sense that, for you, this IS the point. That is, if you can use men for their money even as they use your body, then it’s all fair? I hear you describing prostitution as a fair, balanced exchange. And an exchange that is not only equal but, at times, mutually pleasurable. That’s what I’m getting from your comments. And it’s not much different from how men, who believe they have the right to buy women, traditionally view prostitution–as basically unproblematic and inevitable.

  5. I think dating them made me hate them more than the escorting. But yes you do see that married men cheat far more often than people would think. Im fairly neutral on the prostitution bit, in fact I like how valerie Solanas described in her scum manifesto. One day i may change my mind, who knows? What I do know is that if I ever stop, it will not be to get married and have kids. it would have to be something interesting like becoming a pilot or something:)

  6. Hey bleep, this bit “I think dating them made me hate them more than the escorting.” Oh gosh that is so my truth as well. It doesn’t mean that prostitution is not harmful, however. What happened to me is that when I grasped how sick men are, I thought AT LEAST with “clients” I can set rules because money is involved. With relationships, it’s all vague and he can use emotional manipulation to get what he wants, mess up our heads, and over time works us over into doing sexual things that we would have never agreed to in the beginning. But, what you are doing, which is what myself and many woman have done, is consign yourself to accepting basically: Men are fucked up and they will fuck me up, so I might as well get paid for it. That is how I used to think. I thought dealing with men was completely inevitable. It’s not. We can tell them all to completely fuck off and live our lives without a penis in sight.

    I can tell you one thing: It would be absolutely incredible to see you turn out as a pilot sis! Solanas will smile from above ;)

  7. You guys tried to block me. WOW. Just because I have different views. You say a super nice comment, then block me. What a phony, mean and underhanded thing to do. And then you say you are much better than men? Ha. Fine. I will not stay where Im not wanted. Bubye.

  8. bleep no not at all!!! my blog has been linked in reddit and is currently under an MRA attack. I changed the comments settings so that they cannot post comments about their penises every 5 seconds. While talking to you and Morag, I was deleting a ton of comments that kept coming in from the MRA. Sorry! It wasn’t meant to block you!

  9. They are pissed about my decision to make this blog female-only so they have waged an attack on the place. I have been through this before so it’s nothing too shocking, just have to change some stuff till they get bored and go back to jerking off.

  10. Wow I couldn’t have said this better myself.Everything in here is so true!!I hate men I hate teenage boys I hate em all.Of coarse not all men are like this but MOST OF THEM ARE!!All they do is wack off want sex and what do they do when they make kids? Stick they’re dick inside of a woman and how is her part? Oh nothing much just vomiting having a bloody mess and giving birth to the child.Basically months of hell
    when a no good man probably goes out fucking every girl they see with they’re perverted minds and I even become protective over my friends when they date a guy because that’s the type of person I am.Its not just because my father was a huge dick and left me when I was only 2 years old but because it’s a image of mankind.

  11. I think most men are selfish assholes too. So I’m having chemotherapy and this worthless piece of shit is screaming at me at the top.of his lungs because I made a decision to home school my son. That of course meant that I was less available to him for sleeping in and fucking him. So, right as I was going into the room to have this toxic shit injected into my veins, he tells me to fuck off. Meanwhile, my sons dad is fedex -ing papers to take me to court so I won’t home school because he is also a worthless piece of crap control freak and has to have his way even though I have custody and its got to be his way. I stood up in court and said that dealing with him is a fate worse than cancer! At least I have a chance that my disease will go away.
    Wish I was a dyke. I seriously don’t want to be around another dick ever!!!

  12. Yikes! Which guy came in your cornflakes? Not all men are bad. What about fathers and husbands who love, provide, and protect their families? I’m sorry you feel that way.

  13. NAMALT = Not All Men Are Like That

    Excuse number 4546 heard by feminists every five seconds since we started pointing out patriarchy ages ago. NAMALT is not a counter-argument.

  14. I don’t normally hate men, but today just did it. I’m 17, and I wore a dress to college, just a normal dress, not too revealing, but not too disclosed either.
    In the morning, when waiting at the bus stop, a man (middle aged, bald and fat) beeped his horn and stuck his tongue out at me. I wish I could have swore or something but he was gone too quickly.
    Later, when waiting in the college car park, a group of boys I don’t know (except for one who’s from a class) walked by and one said “Alright babe?”, followed by “Keep it moist for me”. It was disgusting and demeaning. I blanked them, but my mind was desperately searching for a smart comeback, but as it is, I tend not to find them until later.
    I finished my day angry and thinking well i’m never going to wear that dress again. But then I thought (a) why am I wasting my emotions on them? and (b) why should I stop wearing an item of clothing just because of a load of arrogant pricks?
    So, my eyes have been opened to a major issue. I thought we had left sexism far behind, yet I have come to realise that despite being equal in law, we are not treated with respect, and are therefore unjustly lack equality in society.

    PS – I have been a fan of Amanda Palmer a long while now, but only now do I truly appreciate what she’s talking about. Look her and her music up, for although not a man hater, she gets the unjustness of how women are treated in contemporary society.

  15. “I’m not the killing type” ;)

    I remember being 17 and being forced awake to the reality of males. No longer the bashful and bratty little boys we met in school, they grew into aggressive, sexually perverted apes that antagonize, brutalize, and belittle the female population of this Earth. Some women learn this long before they are teenagers because men often prey on young children, mostly female, and while it is true that *some* perps of incest and/or molestation are female, the sweeping vast majority are male, by and large. We all eventually are torn awake if we don’t get the message by our teen years, it will come through at some point.

    Then we have a choice to make: to face the truth in all its agony and refuse to be brainwashed into believing men love us, or to shut down and prepare for a silent numb life of marriage sleeping with one of them. I tried the latter and divorced within 2 years, because my soul couldn’t take it. I naively kept thinking maybe it was the wrong man. Tried another and another. It took me awhile to realize: men are all the same, men are the actual problem. It’s not a matter of the *right* man. It’s a matter of no man.

    Keep yourself safe young sister. Dudes are dangerous, and that’s no joke. Everything and everyone around you is going to try to convince you to fawn all over them and look past their psychotic ways. Don’t let anyone pull a wool over your eyes. The price is brutal as too many women (1 in 3 women beaten or raped globally) have learned if you gamble wrong, and even if you get a non-rapist/non-beater, they are still basically assholes most of the time that walk all over us and treat us like house-cleaning baby factories.

  16. Guys are all assholes that think w/ their dicks. I am a teenage girl and for all you older women out there, you must know how women mature faster then men (usually around adolescene is when the leap in maturity levels occurs). Teenage girls look for a partner who can love them and see a future with. On the other hand, we have these dickhead males who are more interested in having the highest killing streak on Call of Duty and posting it on facebook like a douchebag when in all honesty no one gives a fuck. My heart has been trampled on and turned to cold stone. I’m going to become a dyke, I swear I’d prefer sucking a pair of titties over a dick, ew fuck that shit.

  17. I seriously cannot walk down the street without having a hole being burned into my face, or having to listen to the disgusting comments these males spit at me. And then the embarrassing, humiliating, un-comforting comments are supposed to be taken as a compliment? And then suddenly, when you retaliate and stick up for yourself, you are a “bitch”, or “ugly” or etc. Men telling me to “smile”, or following me around when I am simply trying to ride the train. I don’t wear skirts, or shorts so I wasn’t asking for it(none of the women who get sexually harassed or raped or groped ASKED for any of that), men just simply don’t know how to control themselves. As soon as I think I have met a male that is not like that, he has to make some sexist comment or make a bunch of penis jokes. No thank you. I’m tired of thinking I am not good enough for a man, when in reality, they are not good enough for me. And I’ll be damned if I ever find anyone that way. They really are all the same.

  18. You haven’t at least had a good guy as a friend????? Damn that sucks. Where I come from the men are great, or at least they are fair and expect fairness. I guess it’s because of my culture. Gender hatred isn’t so strong, since both sexes get along very well and we have strong family values.

    I cannot stress how sorry I am that such terrible things happened to you. Most if not all of my friends support and empower their women and find it just boggling that one gender would actually try to abuse the other. I hope you really do meet a man who can give you peace of mind. I’m guessing that would be a really amazingly heaven-sent person.

  19. Please consider:

    “their women”
    ” I hope you really do meet a man who can give you peace of mind.”

    As though I cannot have peace of mind without a man. I know you mean well, but I have never been happier than I became and still am since the moment I quit giving a shit about men and started actively avoiding them. Men are a plague. Where you come from, the men are great? How many women that you are friends with have been raped? Did you ever ask? Do you even consider this? It’s not something we advertise openly….

  20. Thank you so much for writing this article(and for opening my already opened eyes about men and their disgusting behaviout). i just couldn t stop reading it!!!!it s refreshing to know that there are genuine people like you out there who are not afraid to confront men.
    I am deeply in love with this article.

  21. I came to this stunning realization today. I hate men. I’m not a lesbian. I just hate who men are. I hate what they stand for. I hate how they operate. I hate how they toy with the emotions as if they are meaningless. In general, they are not good people, period. I hate how they’ve desecrated house and home; ruined families and children’s lives. Having a man around is like having a Bengal tiger in your home- big, beautiful, unpredictable, and dangerous as hell. That tiger can also be very sweet and loving from time to time, which is why you trust it out of its cage. I came to the conclusion that I do not have the energy to attempt and secure one of these into my life. I have seen too many women ruined by marriage. If not financially, mentally and emotionally. The rage that can build in dealing with a man is toxic.

  22. I hate men. It’s funny because I am married and he’s not a violent or abusive guy. He is weak and useless though. I wish I could flip a switch and become a lesbian. Recently, some asshole friend of my husband’s came to a house party that we had and was all up on me, inappropriately. Do you think my husband did anything? Nope. Claimed he didn’t see, but it was in the same room. He’s just a wimp and I have no respect for him. I was already on the brink of hating men because of all the shit I have seen men do to other women and girls in my life, but having my very own weak ass man makes me feel resentful and now the hate is full blown because it’s personal now. Why wasn’t he there for me? Problem solved though…I carry a sharp blade all the time, pepper spray and a tazer. Come at me dudebros. It will be your last day on Earth.

  23. Just watch the news every single day and pay attention to who the perps are. That alone may be enough. If not, pay attention to how you feel around them, how your behavior changes, and what that means. Read Mary Daly and Andrea Dworkin.

  24. Around three months ago it dawned on me that all men are controlling, useless, immature and of lower intelligence and lesser morality than women. My view of them has changed and there is no going back. one cannot unlearn something, the knowledge when fully grasped is irreversible.The last straw for me was giving a so-called “decent” but deeply unattractive man a chance. For some ungodly reason I thought he would be more grateful and treat me well. But, no. The ugly wanker was abusive, controlling and hid behind a disorder known as ‘Intermittent Explosive Disorder’. It’s basically where they throw a tantrum that would put a three year to shame, and become violent. Apparently they can’t control it, however it is agreed that they hurl abuse only when on their own (safe) territory and can control themselves in front of certain people, like the police, a particular family member/friend, or neighbour. They often get wasted before a confrontation. This means that they premeditate their attacks, so they obviously do know what they are doing and they *can* control themselves. This relatively new ‘disorder’ was clearly cooked up by a man – just wait until you hear about it being cited as the cause of domestic abuse, rape and murder in a court of law, and watch them get off for whatever heinous crime they have committed against a woman due to this bogus disorder. I cannot express how much this last experience with a man has turned me off them forever, his tantrums and the pure hatred and bitterness expressed on his hideously ugly face when in the throes of such a tantrum was absolutely disgusting. If I were of a violent nature (I’m a woman, so naturally I’m not – lucky for him), I would have ripped his fucking face OFF and beaten the remains ferociously with his own bottle green CROCS. What kind of “man” would wear such an abomination, talk about adding insult to injury. Anyway, I digress. Men start wars, maim and kill, their huuuuuge egos are always in the way and they simply do not contribute anything positive in the world. I’m going to try and have a lesbian affair – I like the idea of pairing off with someone and having something to do with another on the weekend; someone to go on holiday with. I’m looking forward to never having anyone attempt to tell me what to do or think, lower my voice, comment negatively on the colour of my living room, or changing the fucking settings and browser on my laptop when my back is turned. No less than two dickheads have done this to me.What the hell is that all about, it’s like visiting someone and then promptly rearranging their furniture whilst simultaneously going through their diary. Nothing has infuriated me more, how utterly passive -aggressive and controlling can someone get? Good luck my fellow Goddesses, and congratulations on having seen the truth of the matter regarding the weaker male species. The programming runs very deep, they get us as babies – just think about the Disney Princesses for example, always relying on a man for happiness. They surely are all the same, some are simply better than others at hiding it. We are superior in almost every way. We live on a planet of duality…black and white, night and day, the sun and the moon, negative and positive; and so on. Men are physically stronger, so it follows that women are intellectually superior (and we have the evidence) and females are wasting their time with these disgusting inferior beings. The only thing they’re useful for is lifting heavy objects and murdering other men. The End.

  25. I, too, wish I could just flip a switch and become lesbian. In spite of having what others perceive as a healthy and functional relationship and having great camaraderie with my male coworkers and friends, I secretly detest men. I only know of one man who isn’t morally inferior to any woman. ONE morally righteous man out of hundreds.

    I hate men because they are fundamentally untrustworthy, they are morally inferior to women, and they are hypocritical and entitled. The extent of cognitive dissonance that it requires to simultaneously brag about how your hobby is “pumping and dumping” women, and then turn around and complain about the partner count the average woman now has could only be achieved by a man.

    I frequent misogynist sites like Return of Kings. What this has done is stoked the long-simmering hatred I have had towards men by essentially proving feminists right about what men are like. There is a user on there named Lance Christopher who says that women are all evil and that his last girlfriend was a lying slut because she left him at age 26. This same ‘person’ has revealed that he cheated on and hit his ex-girlfriend! He has the nerve to complain that she left him and dares to call all women fickle when he was unfaithful and abusive by his own admission?! He then goes on to say that it’s no man’s job to change diapers or assist with childcare when the child is an infant, it’s a woman’s job. Men are openly saying things like this – that men should be entitled to cheat on and hit their female partners, and refuse to help out with domestic chores and childcare – and then wonder why birthrates are crashing and women are opting out of traditional marriage EN MASSE.


    They claim that women want rights with no responsibilities, when THEY are clearly the ones who want rights with no responsibilities! They want “submissive wives” who can’t divorce them but they don’t even want the responsibility to keep it in their pants and be faithful to those wives! Hypocrites, all of them!

    Men are fundamentally shallow and fickle creatures. While it is often said (by men) that women are “shallow” for those women who are interested in raising children seeking out a provider who could actually help ensure those children are looked after and fed (which is actually noble and practical and NOT shallow), men seek out only 2 things in their partners: youth and physical beauty. Several credible studies show that married men report highest marital satisfaction when their wives are more attractive than they are, and when their wives have lower BMI’s than they do. Conversely, women report highest marital satisfaction when their partner is happy and when they feel emotionally connected to their partner. That is damning. Men literally don’t care about anything else but how hot their piece of ass is. They are the shallow ones.

    And to prove my point about their moral inferiority, comes this: “Women are more moral than men, with those over 30 years old having the strongest values, a survey has suggested. The study, which measured responses to questions about honesty and competency, showed females are more likely to make decisions based on how they impact on others.” The sample size was 60,000.

    Men are 6X more likely to abandon a spouse who has a terminal illness than women are. 2.9% of women divorce men who have cancer, while 21% of men do the same. If you knew you had a 1 in 5 chance of the plane you’re about to board blowing up, would you get on that plane?

    I actually have a partner right now who is helpful, egalitarian, affectionate, well-read, and smart. He is “one of the good ones.” Even so, he choked me once during a particularly heated fight. All men are fundamentally feral and abusive, even the “good ones.”

    I have always made a point to focus on cultivating my outward appearance and be conventionally attractive even when I was young because even before I understand the real reasons behind it, we as women are born instinctively knowing how shallow men are. I work out 3 times a week and keep trim and fit, I invest a lot of time and money in my hair, I’ve made sure to never smoke (anything, not even weed) and drink only sparingly to ensure that I can retain my youthful good looks for as long as possible. It’s paid off because I’ve attracted ‘one of the good ones.’ Even still, I know that men are morally inept and only as faithful as their options, so I refuse to date men who make more than $35,000 a year (wealthy men are more likely to cheat and I would prefer a poor faithful man than a rich unfaithful one). I have turned down doctors and engineers and will continue to do so. I have been faithful because of my principles and intend to build a life with this person being as loving and generous and loyal a partner as I can be (which comes naturally to women, the more empathetic and compassionate sex); even so, I refuse to have children with him because that fosters too much dependency on a man. Many men are unfaithful, and I don’t want to be a single mom. I couldn’t bring myself to stay with a man who cheated on me. When you have a child it’s no longer about you, it’s about the wellbeing of your child. We all know that kids do better in intact homes most of the time. So having a child for a man would likely put me in the precarious position of having to choose between my sanity and self-respect, and the wellbeing of my child, a position many other women have been in and one I do not envy. Not having kids eliminates the possibility of that happening. Thankfully, my partner is not irresponsible to breed when he makes less than $35,000 a year, so that choice is eliminated.

    Studies show that men are most likely to cheat when their partners are pregnant or just gave birth. That is how morally decrepet they are. They will cheat on a woman who is nursing their child.

    Men are not only more likely to cheat and more likely to abandon sick partners, they are also more likely to be sociopaths and possess dark triad traits. They are just all-around the more expendable sex because so many of them are pieces of shit. The worst part is that it’s impossible to know for certain which type you’ve got without taking them for a 40- or 50-year test drive. They can change on you on a dime. Oh, you had the audacity to hit menopause? Time to start visiting brothels and seeking out younger women for sex. No morals.

    Men commit suicide 4X as often as women. I say it’s because of guilt. They know what they are and that their fellow men have no sense of loyalty and won’t want to hear about their troubles. Women fare better after a divorce because we have each other to turn to and talk to. Men don’t have that camaraderie with each other because by nature they don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

  26. “The only thing they’re useful for is lifting heavy objects and murdering other men. The End.”

    Sooo true. As further proof of male moral inferiority, when men are plentiful in a society, women settle down young. When there is a numeric excess of women, promiscuity runs rampant. Look at men left to their own devices (gay couples); highest rates of infidelity and STD’s. Men are disgusting and despicable creatures. Being a man means being born a selfish sociopath.

  27. Women should boycott sex. Women should wear t-shirts that say no equal pay equals no sex

  28. Women should stop having sex with men and never give it back, ever, even after equal pay. Once we have that and all other freedom and liberation, we’ll enjoy life to much to give a shit about their silly boners anymore. If women were completely liberated, most men would die complete virgins. Men know this. Hence patriarchy.

  29. I love the idea of boycotting sex until all women of the planet have equal rights, equal treatment, equal respect, equal space and equal self-confidence! But only in our dreams would that happen… cause in real life, if we all took their sex away, they’d come get it one way or another… we’d all get raped time and time again, beaten up, killed… I hate men…

  30. I see that most, if not all, women are in the same boat. I’ve had so many awful experiences with them that I can’t even believe that I gave them a chance. They’re just pigs!

  31. http://mattforney.com/2014/02/03/how-to-crush-a-girls-self-esteem/

    You should read that.
    Its a guide for men on how to abuse women. Its a guide on how to train a loyal servant, that would obey the alpha male, since females have an inbuilt mechanism that predispositions them to be at the foot of the male. Their inherent role is solely to please the man. And the man, shall taketh all the ice cream he sees fit. For he is the man, and she the female.

    The comment section is nice too. Got a whole range of colours. Just goes to show. In a few years time, women will have as much “rights” as animals, and since the “training” method works, they will all live the rightful female dream. A slave to the man’s whims.

  32. This was so intense… and I feel so much compassion. First of all, you write beautifully, and you truly get to the heart of it. I am having a hard time dealing with men. Your words struck a chord and you verbalized what I feel very often.

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