Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

I’m a feminazi. I laugh at men, but not at their stupid jokes. I want to take away their porn—erm, sorry, I mean “free speech.” I won’t fuck them or flirt with them. I don’t find them interesting. I think they look like mutants. I hate…I hate…

Let’s talk about hate.

Men have raped me, not once, not twice, not three times…Turns out they did this to most women. And I’ve been a whore, that young woman who couldn’t afford food until she found some sweet guy who offered to put his dick in my ass in exchange for groceries. Drink. Drink enough and you can do it too.

Men, when I leave my house, will always do one of these things: harass me on the street, ogle me up and down with a rapey stare, or crash into me on the sidewalk. Hey, have you noticed that when women walk past men, women move out of his way? Yup. I call this cute game “dodge asshole,” but some women would more aptly call this “make way for your master.”

The hairy man is telling me again that I’m a hairy lesbian because I have body hair in all the same places that he does, minus the beard. Now the mutant guy is telling me I look like a man because I don’t plaster my face with chemical colors—suddenly I look like human being, not a clown. My ass is too big, says this boyfriend. No, I like juicy asses and your nice “budunkadunk,” says that boyfriend. No, it’s too small, said another boyfriend. They all liked my mind: intelligence is sexy. One wanted to fuck my brain, he said. He wanted to fuck me unconscious, he said. No matter what, I am some man’s kinky fetish, and he’ll let me know. The last one, my employer, said that I’m a butch lesbian (or did he say bull dyke?) and he finds that sexy—he’ll get down my pants, he promised. Oh, hey, thanks boss! Now I can quit my job in a recession and struggle to pay the bills again or put up with this shit. (I bet all this stuff happens to men all the time—daily, like it does to me). Maybe I can find some sweet guy to stick his dick in my ass again if I lose this job—my boss says my feminism is FAR too radical because I refuse to fuck him.

Did I mention the boyfriend who tried to kill me for not being a virgin, or the 31-year-old who locked me in a closet when I was 16 for trying to leave him? Did I tell you about the oodles of Nice Guys giving me great advice: “then why’d you stay with him?” Let’s repeat this again: one tried to kill me, and the other locked me in a closet for trying to leave him. He told me if I left, he’d kill me. Why didn’t I just leave him? Better question: how did you manage to be alive today? You’d better recognize. I’m a high-functioning “dodge asshole” machine by now. Throw me a man with a bat, a rapist, a groper, a creepy boss. Throw me a sadist, a pervert, a john, or a pedophile. I dodge that shit like magic.

Freud says this is all because I want to fuck my dad. My ex-shrink said it’s cause I have too much trauma, that’s why (why are the rapists never in therapy, only the raped?) God says this is all cause I do not worship him and his son. You know what that guy on the internet just said? He said it’s cause I’m just like Hitler.

Yeah, let’s go there too, then.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, wait wait! Just look at this list of dictators and tyrants. All men. Where it says “regime type” I want to edit and put: patriarchy. I laugh in men’s faces. Obviously it’s just like killing 20 million people. I’m such a feminazi.

And then the army they send you: All men or almost all men. You know what armies of men do to the women in the territories they invade? Well, do you? Don’t play stupid now. Everyone knows this.

9/11: Was it Al Qaeda or an inside job? You know who it was for sure. It was men.

Every school shooting ever: Men.

Throwing acid in women’s faces: Men again.

Stoning women to death: that’s the menz.

Kidnapping brides: Men.

Rape rape rape rape rape RAAAAAPE: Men.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Men built nuclear weapons, men started that war, men dropped those nukes.

Why are women 70% of the people living in poverty globally? Well, then, who has all the money? That’s men again.

And 30% of women globally are beaten or sexually assaulted; that’s a lot of PTSD. Freud, I think I have found the penis you were always going on about: men did this.

Al Qaeda: Men

The Muslim Brotherhood: Men.

The Government of the United States until wild women protested: Rich, white, landowning men who could read. Did you know that these men gave the right to vote to all former slave men before they gave this right to “free” women?

Let’s talk about who really is on top in this world: Men.

Who’s really on top in bed: Men. Yes, I just went there. They’re fucking us unconscious.

And I hate them.

I want to stop their wars and take away their guns. I want to stop their rape and take away their porn. I want to stop their hegemony and take away their seats in all governments globally. Because they can’t handle it. They just bomb everything, rape everyone, and then hoard loads of trees with numbers written on them so that they can exchange them for toys. For fucking toys. There is nothing else that much money will buy, and goddess knows you cannot buy divinity, though they try. People are dying of starvation and I see them—these men with their flattened, painted trees—whipping out cash to buy the latest iPhone, assembled courtesy of the global proletariat in a factory in a third world country, plastic extracted from our mother Earth to create this little electronic contraption, cause we need more shit. That’s what we need. More random shit while others starve. Who organized this fucking system? Men again!

And what about my sisters? What the hell happened to women? Where were we? You mean to tell me this whole shit situation was created by penis-having dudebros? The wars. The poverty. The inequality. The exploitation of the planet. The countless broken souls because they have been violated in some way. Yeah, men created this system. Women, since patriarchy took hold, were hanging on by a thread. We tried to revolt a few times and were given the male treatment: rape, murder, imprisonment. All patriarchal societies, historically, had excessively more laws on their books regarding what women could and could not do than they did for males. For example, women couldn’t leave the house here, and women couldn’t own property there, and women didn’t even have NAMES there, but were just called “jacob’s-woman” for example. How lovely! Then over there, women were literally and legally slaves—every single one of them, and their “husbands” (ehem, owners) had the right to chop off their body parts and sell them. Their husbands were allowed to legally murder them. Didn’t women revolt? One such example of women not obeying this shit is The Burning Times. Female genocide—femicide—was the result. Thanks to femicide, there are 50 million women missing on this planet just right now, not counting history. Makes us easier to dominate when our numbers are reduced. We’ll be here all day and I’ll vomit if I continue, but here is our herstory.

Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

Let me tell you about the part of me that longs for total liberation as a human being and doesn’t think men have this plan for me and my sisters. Let me tell you about how this evil feminazi laughs in their faces when they call me a bitch. Let me tell you about my traitor ways: I will not have sex with them. I will not touch them. I do not trust them. When I walk out my door, and another one comes rubbing up on me, cooing into my ear, trying to get the hairy, make-up free radical feminist to fuck him, I want to pummel his face with my fist. The rage of a cat backed into a corner. Cause I know what men do, what they are, what they have done throughout patriarchal history. I know they erased the records, and only now are we digging up the truth. We’re finding out that god used to be a woman, a Goddess, and she didn’t think women should obey their husbands. Oh, contraire! We used to have peaceful matriarchies all over the world!

And I laugh. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh because I am too tired to explain this again and again and again.

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." – Margaret Atwood

Read some herstory. Read some herstory. Read some herstory. And while you’re at it, have a long hard look at the news. This is our point in time on that patriarchal timeline of hell on Earth. Our generation is the continuation of that horrific tale.

Then you can tell me what hate looks like.

“For women, getting angry is socially unacceptable, even when the anger is over violence, discrimination, misogyny, and other forms of oppression. Anger is unacceptable because angry women are women in touch with their passion and power, especially in relation to men, which threatens the entire patriarchal order. It’s unacceptable because it forces men to confront the reality of male privilege and women’s oppression and their involvement in it, even if only as passive beneficiaries. Women’s anger challenges men to acknowledge attempts to trivialize oppression with “I was only kidding." And women’s anger is unacceptable to men who look to women to take care of them, to prop up their need to feel in control, and to support them in their competition with other men. When women are less than gracious and good-humored about their own oppression, men often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, at a loss, and therefore vulnerable." – Allan G. Johnson

And when you say, “Why do you spend so much time being angry like this? Why don’t you be more positive. Don’t think about such sad things.”

Yeah, I will remember that when it’s you being raped. When it’s you being beaten. When it’s you who hasn’t enough to eat and are joining the global women in poverty. I’ll remember that your recommendation was apathy.

No. Instead I’ll remember when women were warriors. We are warriors.

“So how do you manage to stay sane with all this on your mind?”

I don’t. That’s the simple truth. I’m a little bit disturbed all of the time, and extremely horrified the rest of the time—I’m awake to see that the world is a fucking madhouse.

Peace and tranquility is found when I am with my sisters, only my sisters. This is why female-only space is forbidden. That’s where we recharge, get our strength. That’s where women help each other, lend a hand, lift each other up.

Loving women is the most hateful thing you can do to men.

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388 thoughts on “Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

  1. OMG!..I’m seriously starting to Hate men like seriously too bad I’m attracted to them but have you seen those youtube comments urgh!!..they hate seeing women do literally anything some fat prick with acne living in his mommas basement behind a computer has to leave a comment like “Stay In the kitchen where you belong” It’s not fucking funny What exactly is wrong with them??

  2. Thank you! I fucking hate men and I hate their fucking privilege. I hate how they view women as less than people- we’re objects to them, good for fucking and for having as slaves but not really human. I hate how they view themselves as the default, how they’re not embarrassed to be utterly disgusting in front of other people, how I’m supposed to be ashamed of my body hair and keep in shape for them, while they get to look how the fuck they want, and how I’m supposed to be all nice and feminine around them. I hate how they have no fucking consideration for other people- they talk loud, they take up all the space, they spread their legs wide across the seats in the public transportation to show off their fucking crotch. I hate how they bother me when I’m out and minding my own business, I hate how they try to pick me up and expect me to take their attention as a compliment and that I should be grateful about being bothered in the middle of running my errands. I hate on how they comment on my looks- who the fuck asked them? I hate how they seem to believe that their opinion is important, especially when it comes to what women should look like. I hate their fucking condescending attitude. I hate how they try to teach me things and explain shit I already know to me. I hate how they treat “you’re not like most women” as a compliment. I hate how they’re controlled by their little dicks and how they think those dicks make them special. I hate how they’re essentially all spoiled little princes who’ve been raised to believe they are the center of the universe. I hate that even the adult men act like children. I hate how I’ve been brought up to believe that my value rests entirely in how men perceive me- I’ve always done my best to be nice and sweet and smiling, because that’s what guys like and that’s what’s important! If guys don’t like you- then you’re useless. And I’ve always been prepared to change who I am to get a man’s interest. I was raped but was afraid to stop it because hey, I was afraid to hurt the guy’s feelings. Aren’t I sweet? When I’ve tried to be friends with guys, they’ve always ended up hitting on me, to the extent that I’m afraid to even have a normal conversation with men. Men are responsible for so much violence. I hesitate to go out alone at dark, despite the fact that I love a night time jog, because I’m afraid of getting attacked and raped by a man. I always have to consider the safest way of doing things- on my vacation, should I take a cab (meaning I’ll be alone with a male driver) or should I take the subway (which has safety in the fact that there’s more people around- but also a higher number of potential attackers)? Should I go to that country, or will that be too unsafe for me to go alone? I read all this articles in the paper about women in other countries getting mutilated and raped and murdered and married away as children. On the news I see reports of women who’ve been murdered by their date or their partner, and I know there’s an enormous number of women out there who are in abusive relationships or have been raped and will never tell anybody about it. I see news reports on women who’ve been raped by strangers and I read enough online comments to know that the standard responses are 1) well, she shouldn’t have been out alone (regardless of time and place!) or 2) she’s lying. I know that if I get raped I’ll get no support outside maybe my closest family. And that’s a maybe! The patricarchy is internalized in everybody. I don’t want anything to do with men, and at the same time society treats me as an incomplete woman because I don’t want to marry and I don’t want to have children. I’m 33 years old and I don’t want anything to do with men because even the seemingly reasonable ones are absolutely spoilt by our patriarchal culture. I could rant on about this forever- and don’t even give me that ‘not all men’. Yes, ALL men!

  3. I never looked forward to getting older, but it does have one big advantage. I no longer have to deal with the condescending remarks about my appearance, & I don`t get catcalled or have men try to pick me up in public. I feel so much safer now that I`m past the age that men find attractive. When I got wolf – whistled & pestered by men when I was teenager, I`d complain about it to other women, & they would tell me that it`s a compliment, & that I`d miss it when they stopped doing it. I don`t miss those so-called compliments, & any woman who enjoys wolf whistles & catcalls needs her head examining in my opinion!

  4. I am SO glad I found this! It’s brilliant- I just dumped the very last MAN that will ever touch my sacred bod again. They are all lying, cheating, using, abusing, foul, disgusting pieces of fucked up DNA. They’d rather whack off to a computer screen or themselves in a mirror than let their fragile little egos (and penises) be bruised . Wah wah wah “why can’t I screw everything I want”? They have no respect at all for women. We RULE this planet and they know it. I am so very happy to be liberated from these sorry excuses of the subhuman race. I can’t stand to look at any of them. Please let me know when the revolution begins – I’m in.

  5. WOWZA! Brilliant article, def one of the best pieces of writing I’ve ever had the privilege of reading! I am sitting here about a quarter of the way thru the comments section and have been going from cringing to crying to laughing my ass off, emotional rollercoaster to be continued the more I read on, I’m sure. Lolol @ the green CROCS abomination and 800 other brilliantly hilarious lines here from such razor sharp minds! I love every single woman who has commented here, I’ve never been in such love and awe of so many females at once haha and sigh…just wow, I’m basking in some FIERCE female/feminist/matriarchal energy over here from the virtual freedom bomb you’ve released here. Thank you thank you thank you. You rock. <3

  6. Reblogged this on The Feminist Rag and commented:
    An absolute work of art, power and genius, including the comments section. Thank you wwomenwarriors for the Spirit Surge.

    I have a proposal for any men or women who say NAMALT (Not All Men Are Like That) — how about instead, TTAHTBG — Teach The Assholes How To Be GOOD. Activism = education, after all.

  7. Yup, men are parasitic viruses. They’re literally mutated females. The inferior male Y chromosome is weak and unnatural. It’s too bad women are stuck in a patriarchy that keeps them from achieving their rightful place as leaders, which is the natural role for women. But the males stole that and everything else from us, and having these inferior, stupid creatures in charge of almost every country, it’s no wonder the world is so f***ed up. It’s long past time for women to fight back.

  8. That`s really something! A man who realises that his sex are aresholes! If only other men had this kind of insight, then they`d be much better people!

  9. After trying years and years of trying to stay hopeful about men, as of today, I have come to the conclusion that men suck!!! I seriously do hate them. They have put way too many dents in my heart. Even the so called “good ones.” I’m finally surrendering to the fact that I will be alone and I’m starting to be okay with that. I’d rather be alone and have peace of mind than fall prey to these stupid little mind games that men play.

  10. oh my god. i am so glad i found this site. i broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and decided today that i hate men and never want to have sex with them again. i don’t care if i am alone for the rest of my life. i’m not even attracted to men. the only reason why i liked them was because i felt good about myself if they liked me – which i am ashamed to admit now obviously… i used to depend on male attention, or ‘love’ for a sense of psychological security. but finally i’ve realised that it means nothing because they can only think with their dicks which makes their thoughts redundant.

    I refuse to make excuses for men. i refuse to change myself for men. if they don’t like me that’s too bad it’s not my problem.

    my ex boyfriends made me believe i was sensitive, paranoid, crazy, emotional but they’re fuckwits controlled by lust and greed, just like all men. they chipped away at my self esteem and my fucking sanity. and now, i’ve had enough. it’s time to fight back.

    my father left my mum when she got pregnant with me at 18. i’ve never met him. all my life in this weird way i forgave him subconsciously. now i can finally admit my father is an asshole. it feels liberating to say. i wasn’t even was able to think this until now, after feeling inspired by reading this blog and comments. i hope we can continue this movement, and keep getting stronger everyday, as i’m sure we will.

    i have concluded that all men are good for is reproducing, and i don’t want to reproduce anyway because i don’t want to bring children into this hell that we live in.

    hating men has never felt better! i love you all. keep strong sisters!

  11. Your post brings back memories of my teenage years, & all the crap that I took from men, from classmates, and also my father. They would taunt me about my appearance, & like the naive girl that I was, I believed that they were right. I now realise that my father was so mean to me because he was disappointed in me because I wasn`t the son that he wanted, & the boys at my school just wanted to destroy my self-esteem in the hope that I`d be an easy target if they ever got the chance to have sex with me. Little did they know that i found them so physically repulsive that I`d rather have been hung drawn & quatered than let them in my pants.

  12. Great post. Would also make a great poetry slam contribution. Very powerful words.
    I am so tired of men accusing radical feminists of hating them. As if it was something bad. As if it was not completely justified to hate men.

    @Lady D: No, we don’t rule this planet. Therein lies the problem.

  13. I’m really glad that I’m not the only one who felt like this. I came from the middle-east, from an unhappy marriage. I arrived at America, hoping to find that democracy and equality. I found the democracy, but found the equality a bit of a lie. In fact, I think men are a bit worse here. Back then, I used to wear a nijab, hiqab and abaya to cover my body. It felt rather refreshing to take them all off, but it was damn annoying when men kept leering at me. It was disgusting how they kept asking me out or for my number, even if I had no idea who knew I was. It got worse when one bastard offered me a job as a pornographic actor. Where the hell did that come from?!

    Let me tell you, a friend of mine invited me to a lesbian bar. I was skeptical at first, but it became one of the best things that ever happened to me. Although I’m still a little afraid to say it in public (even with other women), I feel a bit comfortable announcing here that I really REALLY hate men and am proud to be lesbian.

  14. I’m glad I’m not bitter. I am part of the solution, equal to the men in my life, not simply noise of those caught in a mind field of hurt and hate. I wish you all healing .

  15. I’m gona assume all the comments which don’t support this article are being deleted. Either that or everyone who disagrees just can’t be bothered to respond to this stupidity. Remember when we used to think that black people were just more likely to commit crimes because of all that eugenics research that got done in Germany, woops. Feminazi is the right word for most of you, the rest I’m sure are just upset and given time will heal and rejoin the rest of the world (I really, really hope). Sorry you’ve been mistreated, but why blame men? Why not go one step further and blame humanity? Or reel it back and blame a subclass of men? Total madness.

  16. Why blame men? Because men DID it. 95% of all violent crime is committed by men. 99% of rapists are men. Men own the world. Men are running everything, everything into the ground. One or two token women who played the game of the man’s world well enough for them to let her in is not the meaning of an equal influence in the direction and outcome of the world. We’re relegated to kitchens and child work, and while raising children and feeding everyone is a noble and worthwhile thing to do, it doesn’t result in nuclear weapons. THAT was created by MEN. And dropped on OUR CHILDREN by MEN. So, why do I blame men? Because 90 and 10 are not the same number. That is to say that your analogy forgets who is in CHARGE of this situation. It is certainly not ME. If the shit around us is fucked up, look up, and then ask yourself WHO exactly you’re not allowed to criticize. Does this person have a rich white male face? Or course he does.

  17. Heidi, you are completely delusional and incredibly stupid if you think men are not to blame for the vast majority of crime, especially violent crime, and the oppression of everyone who isn’t a combination of straight, white, and male. BTW, there are many who still believe black people (men) are more likely to commit crimes, a bias from a study created by white men and believed by white men and brainwashed white women. But violent crime has nothing to do with race, and all to do with one half of the population’s sense of entitlement and immaturity which they maintain through violence. Throughout all of human history, it’s been the male of the species who have waged wars, and committed the most heinous of crimes, especially against women and children. It continues today with no end in sight. Everyday we hear about a woman or child being raped, beaten, murdered, just generally at the mercy of psychotic sadistic males.

    It’s good that your idiotic comments are being deleted, and I hope they continue to be as you obviously have nothing intelligent to say. You’re hopelessly dissociated with the reality of the patriarchy we’re forced to endure every single day. If you’re a woman, you’re a brainwashed self-loathing one, but most likely you are a typical narcissistic man. The fact that you refer to women who are tired of taking men’s bullshit as “feminazis,” a word made up by a woman hating pick-up artist, says it all.

  18. I hate men to death. They truly disgust me, I hate it if they look at me and dare to come near me. I stay out of men’s way but they can’t seem to stay out of my way. Men really are desperate losers. I have no respect for men and if they continue to push women, I really do feel it will end really badly for them.

  19. I do blame humanity, because Iv`e had shoddy treatment from both sexes. When I was a teenager, other girls picked on me because I was a bit chubby, & had acne, so I don`t just lay the blame on men, but people.

  20. So glad I found this! Notice how there is an abundance of misogynistic websites and as soon as women voice their own opinions, men have to shout it down. The thing is, men are encouraged to hate women and women are encouraged to just role over and accept it and still love men and hate other women. ENOUGH! Men need to start changing their behaviour fast or they are seriously in trouble…women are turning their backs on men for so many legitimate reasons whereas men hate women because when he was 16 a girl didn’t want to go to the prom with him or some pathetic entitled shit. I predict that the whole male species will just implode because if women took a step back and let men just bomb each other, kill each other and rape each other then the world will be a better place because all the evil will be dead.

  21. Thank you for this wonderful article, having suffered verbal and physical abuse from men, this post gives me faith in all of us.

  22. Catherine, I was picked on by girls too when I was a teenager. I was also picked on by boys. But as for girls, women are taught from a young age to put each other down in this patriarchal society. Men know that if we were to ever support each other, there would be no stopping us from dismantling the patriarchy entirely in a short time. Men gather in large groups and feed off of each others aggression and their irrational bitterness against women. Women are justified to hate men, but they aren’t nearly aggressive enough to stop disgusting male entitlement. It’s long past time we realize this, and fight back, get angry, fight fire with fire. Men need to be put in their place, and the more violent ones need to be exterminated in order for women to even begin to make the world a better place for everyone.

  23. This is just absolutely awesome!! I’ve been struggling with the fact that I fucking hate them more and more and more by the fucking hour!! I hate them, each time I see one I wish I could cut their fucking dick off and make them swallow it, they would choke on their own dicks and die, while I stare into their eyes laughing!! They are absolutely disgusting, degrading, the root of all evil are FUCKING MEN.


    So, yeah… I just needed to get that out! :)

    Men are disgusting assholes, I truly hope they all fucking die bombing, and raping each other as they seem to enjoy it sooo much! …. I’ve been saying it for a long time.. if equality doesn’t make a change for better… then may it be for worse… meaning us women should act more like they do… like disgusting pigs… I could hunt all those fuckers down and kill them slowly while they suffer… paying for all the evil shit they have done to women and the planet.. I mean, why not? If they can be fucked up assholes I can be one too! Treat them just the way they treat us! NO RESPECT, OBJECTIFY THEM, MAKE THEM FUCKING TRIP ON THEIR WAY TO SUCCESS, PUT THEM DOWN, DEVALUE THEM, PAY THEM LESS, RAPE THEM, MURDER THEM, ABUSE THEM, HIT THEM, GANG RAPE THEM, PUNISH THEM JUST FOR FUCKING EXISTING!!!!!!!!! YESSS, that is right!!! that is the exact way they treat us women… and one fucking day, I’m killing at least one of them, with my own fucking hands! I’ll kill a rapist! yesss, I’ll do some real justice, just the way they like it!! a bit of face punching.. then some nice gang rape sessions… then some more rape and them I’ll burn them alive! :)

    Feeling so much better now….. thanks to you wonderful souls out there, opening your eyes trying to combat this fucking patriarchal system we live in, say no to the oppression of female existence!! no more!! and please… stop reproducing!!! the world is as fucked up as can be, and will continue to get worse…. and if you do fucking reproduce… at least give your disgusting little boys some fucking sense of FEMINISM for fucks sake.

  24. What I dnt get is why we must always be passive. Men expects this from us as ‘feminists’; to rant n rave verbally, but at day’s end, do nothing really. To be frank, I couldn’t care less what there expectations are, but I do care about my mental n emotional state of mind n that is often satisfied by reacting equally r worse. So, u think you can hit me? Let me just say that am quite unassuming given my ‘look’; tall, slim, err would probably fit into the stereotype of a society expects. When I speak however; most are taken aback. I tell anyone that I will slit the throat r belly depending on angle, of any man who would attempt to hit me. N all women MUST take this stance. Will u need training, maybe, encouragement, maybe r just the mindset, whatever it is, it must b achieved. If u try to rape me with a gun or knife, u will kill me then rape my dead body, but u aren’t doing it whilstam still alive. I will bite the third layer of ur skin n fight so hard, u would be forced to shoot me in the head. I take nothing lying down. If u somehow manage, I will make it my life long mission to execute you more viciously than the movie I spit on your damn grave. Minus damn, that isn’t a part of title. Point is, I will murder u a 100 fucking times. N this may very well mean involving dat other gender. Fuck the prisons, many police men are themselves mysogynist. Chop out their eyes n feed it to the dogs if they try to or achieve physically hurting u or your loved ones. Am I advocating violence? Are u advocating war on my body? Then yes motherfucker, I am.

  25. As a woman I feel you. And you have every right for your anger! Just don’t let these bastards who hurt you ruin your own future or present day anymore because then they have really won. Try to focus on other people and beautiful things such as children, animals, nature and amazing women without who this world would be totally without compassion and care. For us all…forgive but don’t forget! Don’t forgive for their sake but for your own. We all know that many men are simple minded pigs. Not by birth but societies teach them to be. They just can’t help it. They hate us but can’t live without our smile. Their whole self confidence is based on women’s attention. And in that and many other sense we women are much more powerful beings. We are way more independent, strong filled and real. We don’t need their sex, we don’t need their fallacy words and superficial admiring, we don’t need their money or hypocritical politics.
    We are not the victims. We can turn this shit around. Not the way that we try to change pigs to become humans but not to give a shit but give back the shit of course if needed….but over all making our selves ever more independent, happy and shining without them. Of course there is some exceptions in men also…so they can join.
    I know there is some decent spiritual, asexual and feminist men too….have met them but general male population and their attitude towards women are one way or another sick and shallow.
    So many times when I have met new people for example girl and boy at the same time the girl is the one with who real conversation and interesting communication is happening….I feel so much more drawn to talk and hang out with her than the guy because there is some common understanding most of the time and communication, respect and even care without any selfish agenda . With men it’s always like I wonder what he tries to prove now and what he wants?! He don’t say you have a nice dress for the sake of noticing it and making someone happy with his compliment but because he wants something from you. No matter if it’s your attention, sex or seeing you as a possible future wife. There is simply almost always some selfish agenda behind anything nice man do or say. And that is sick. Of course it is not always so but often.

    You are not feminazi, you are just honest with your feelings and experiences and no you are not the rare one even if your story is quite extream..anyhow there is dozen of women who can feel you at least to some extend. Of course hate is not the ultimate way….we don’t want to become war filled nazis, rapers and abusers just like them. And we will not fall down to their level. We are much above that. Our intellect, spiritual maturity, will and control of hour bodied is way higher and so we rise and Goddess will rule again. Not like a brainless digtator but as a rightful all pervading feminine force which will wipe away cancer and is completely in balance with masculine energy too.

  26. * control over our bodies

    So many mistakes I wrote. For give my spelling mistakes and not perfect english:)
    Anyhow, this post/blog is great and coming from the heart and there is so many replies too that many of us can relate and agree with too.
    No, these are not “few” ” feminazi’s” opinions or rare unfortunate experiences. These are everyday experiences for many women and common sexist attitude towards women and raper culture is very real and exist! Most men are either babies or perverts.

  27. By the way, there is this great electropop band called Studio Killers….they have this popular song “All men are pigs”. It’s good that some bands make songs out of reality too :) Who care to listen some love song bullshits anyways…
    So many men are butt hurt because of this song but it is still popular song.

  28. Ladyyy, u are disillusioned if u believe for one minute that protecting ur own body by reacting just as or even more violently would ever make any woman one of them. Do u hear any of us advocating raping men? That’s not difficult 2 do. A base ball bat could easily achieve that feat. I am advocating war on u in defense of MY body, if ever attacked. Keep being docile n sweet, its what get women raped n beat down. U don’t get to post sweet little ‘womanly’ words if you’re dead. U can’t focus on trees n children then.

    There was this one case where an 11 year old was raped by her stepfather. She reported the incedent to her mother who then enquired of the stepfather. His response was, if you aren’t giving me any, what did you expect. He didn’t even pretend. That woman chopped him to pieces and buried the pieces of flesh in a wall. It was later discovered n she served time in prison n was later released. She should have been CROWNED. Her actions were the best justice.

  29. You can read my post again. I did not say you should not protect your own body or react just as or that you should just keep being sweet and smile to those who hurt you and suffer in silence or to accept. Opposite. I said give back the shit if needed but after don’t give a shit.
    What I was referring to is that it is best revenge when you don’t let your enemy wipe away your smile from your face and take your own shine and sense of self worth away from you, no matter what. Because that is exactly what they are trying to accomplish..and make you unhappy, hateful and bitter person….just like them. I think there can’t be nothing worse than that. Then they have won. Anyways, this does not mean that one should not feel anger, hate, disgust or what ever natural feelings and take actions.

    Men always try to prove or believe that women are all the same like them. If woman commit even small crime they are all screaming “you see…women are just as bad as men”. But in reality they are not and as a genre never will be. Strength and power is not some outside actions but inner qualities. Females are the ones who keep this planet even little bit in balance and sane.

    What comes to me…I’m nice person and will keep being so and focus on those things what make me happy. But believe me….when someone crosses my boundaries or I see someone else being treated wrongly, there is all fire out and I don’t just stay sit in the corner and keep being sweet and polite.
    If man crosses my boundaries or disrespect me, he is gone from my life/mind instantly. Even thought I don’t often let men to be involved in my life very closely or intimately anyways….

    But overall…not everyone is even capable to do something violent or be violent even if they have been violated. Their nature just don’t allow it and it is not any kind of goal to become as a violent as your abusers. Even if some cases it is nice to see justice happen!

  30. Women have always been expected to be docile & sweet, because society thinks that only women who “provoke” men are mistreated by them. The opposite is true, men target women who won`t make a fuss or fight back. Iv`e learnt this the hard way!

  31. a very ugly(outside and inside) specie is what men are,women/females are attractive internally and externally….i have and am still consistently acknowledging this in my almost 24years of existence,no wonder most women aren’t attracted to men as seen by us being less visually interested in them and having more sexual responses to our own fellow females,as many studies have shown.we should definetly let them kill and rape themselves to extinction as one of my sisters have said here,hahaha,that would be a pleasure to watch.ofcourse except for males who have the right mindset(female).feminism is growing and we should definetly get closer and form strong bonds then the world will be truly a better place .Matriachy for a better world :) 8-)

  32. also,i think men are ugly probably from their evilness and thousands/millions years of doing bad etc,i mean imagine the ghengis khans we have in the world and running through the men’s genetics and ours(eww).thats probably why most of them are ugly.TRUTH :)

  33. Nata, I completely agree that women need to fight back, both with words and fists. I’m so sick and tired of male violence against women, and women just taking it. If a man tries to rape you, do your best to kill him. Grab him by the balls and penis and twist! Funny how that dangling thing that makes them male that they’re so proud of is actually the weakest and most sensitive body part. Nothing on a woman is that weak and pathetic. It’s time for women to stop being so passive. Learn self defense and you can take down a man twice your size with a few quick moves. If men want to be mindless beasts controlled by their sexual urges, then they need to be put down like the rabid creatures they are (I don’t want to say animals because I love animals, and comparing them to male humans is the ultimate insult.)

    I’ve also heard another story involving an 11 year old being raped. A bunch of teen boys kidnapped this 11 year old child, hid her away, and raped her for days. When she was finally released and the boys arrested, the people in that town actually defended these sick bastards and blamed the little girl! Oh, she was wearing skimpy clothes and tempting the boys. WTF?! She was 11 years old! It’s bad enough when judges blame grown women for their own rapes, but these ignorant shit heads couldn’t even show the least bit of mercy to a traumatized little girl! That town should be burned to the ground with all those pedo defending monsters in it!

    Have you ever noticed that pedophilia is only taken seriously if boys are the victims? Little girls are far more likely to be a victim of pedophiles than boys, and are usually targeted by the more violent predators who kill them after they’re done with them. I hate this world. There’s no protection for women at any stage of their lives, even as helpless children. Why do we put up with it?! Women need to toughen up and stop pandering to disgusting diseased males. We all need to grow a pair of ovaries and woman up! If women would just fight back, we wouldn’t be known as the weaker sex any longer, and men will finally think twice before they try hurting us, or kids, or even animals for that matter.

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