Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

I’m a feminazi. I laugh at men, but not at their stupid jokes. I want to take away their porn—erm, sorry, I mean “free speech.” I won’t fuck them or flirt with them. I don’t find them interesting. I think they look like mutants. I hate…I hate…

Let’s talk about hate.

Men have raped me, not once, not twice, not three times…Turns out they did this to most women. And I’ve been a whore, that young woman who couldn’t afford food until she found some sweet guy who offered to put his dick in my ass in exchange for groceries. Drink. Drink enough and you can do it too.

Men, when I leave my house, will always do one of these things: harass me on the street, ogle me up and down with a rapey stare, or crash into me on the sidewalk. Hey, have you noticed that when women walk past men, women move out of his way? Yup. I call this cute game “dodge asshole,” but some women would more aptly call this “make way for your master.”

The hairy man is telling me again that I’m a hairy lesbian because I have body hair in all the same places that he does, minus the beard. Now the mutant guy is telling me I look like a man because I don’t plaster my face with chemical colors—suddenly I look like human being, not a clown. My ass is too big, says this boyfriend. No, I like juicy asses and your nice “budunkadunk,” says that boyfriend. No, it’s too small, said another boyfriend. They all liked my mind: intelligence is sexy. One wanted to fuck my brain, he said. He wanted to fuck me unconscious, he said. No matter what, I am some man’s kinky fetish, and he’ll let me know. The last one, my employer, said that I’m a butch lesbian (or did he say bull dyke?) and he finds that sexy—he’ll get down my pants, he promised. Oh, hey, thanks boss! Now I can quit my job in a recession and struggle to pay the bills again or put up with this shit. (I bet all this stuff happens to men all the time—daily, like it does to me). Maybe I can find some sweet guy to stick his dick in my ass again if I lose this job—my boss says my feminism is FAR too radical because I refuse to fuck him.

Did I mention the boyfriend who tried to kill me for not being a virgin, or the 31-year-old who locked me in a closet when I was 16 for trying to leave him? Did I tell you about the oodles of Nice Guys giving me great advice: “then why’d you stay with him?” Let’s repeat this again: one tried to kill me, and the other locked me in a closet for trying to leave him. He told me if I left, he’d kill me. Why didn’t I just leave him? Better question: how did you manage to be alive today? You’d better recognize. I’m a high-functioning “dodge asshole” machine by now. Throw me a man with a bat, a rapist, a groper, a creepy boss. Throw me a sadist, a pervert, a john, or a pedophile. I dodge that shit like magic.

Freud says this is all because I want to fuck my dad. My ex-shrink said it’s cause I have too much trauma, that’s why (why are the rapists never in therapy, only the raped?) God says this is all cause I do not worship him and his son. You know what that guy on the internet just said? He said it’s cause I’m just like Hitler.

Yeah, let’s go there too, then.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, wait wait! Just look at this list of dictators and tyrants. All men. Where it says “regime type” I want to edit and put: patriarchy. I laugh in men’s faces. Obviously it’s just like killing 20 million people. I’m such a feminazi.

And then the army they send you: All men or almost all men. You know what armies of men do to the women in the territories they invade? Well, do you? Don’t play stupid now. Everyone knows this.

9/11: Was it Al Qaeda or an inside job? You know who it was for sure. It was men.

Every school shooting ever: Men.

Throwing acid in women’s faces: Men again.

Stoning women to death: that’s the menz.

Kidnapping brides: Men.

Rape rape rape rape rape RAAAAAPE: Men.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Men built nuclear weapons, men started that war, men dropped those nukes.

Why are women 70% of the people living in poverty globally? Well, then, who has all the money? That’s men again.

And 30% of women globally are beaten or sexually assaulted; that’s a lot of PTSD. Freud, I think I have found the penis you were always going on about: men did this.

Al Qaeda: Men

The Muslim Brotherhood: Men.

The Government of the United States until wild women protested: Rich, white, landowning men who could read. Did you know that these men gave the right to vote to all former slave men before they gave this right to “free” women?

Let’s talk about who really is on top in this world: Men.

Who’s really on top in bed: Men. Yes, I just went there. They’re fucking us unconscious.

And I hate them.

I want to stop their wars and take away their guns. I want to stop their rape and take away their porn. I want to stop their hegemony and take away their seats in all governments globally. Because they can’t handle it. They just bomb everything, rape everyone, and then hoard loads of trees with numbers written on them so that they can exchange them for toys. For fucking toys. There is nothing else that much money will buy, and goddess knows you cannot buy divinity, though they try. People are dying of starvation and I see them—these men with their flattened, painted trees—whipping out cash to buy the latest iPhone, assembled courtesy of the global proletariat in a factory in a third world country, plastic extracted from our mother Earth to create this little electronic contraption, cause we need more shit. That’s what we need. More random shit while others starve. Who organized this fucking system? Men again!

And what about my sisters? What the hell happened to women? Where were we? You mean to tell me this whole shit situation was created by penis-having dudebros? The wars. The poverty. The inequality. The exploitation of the planet. The countless broken souls because they have been violated in some way. Yeah, men created this system. Women, since patriarchy took hold, were hanging on by a thread. We tried to revolt a few times and were given the male treatment: rape, murder, imprisonment. All patriarchal societies, historically, had excessively more laws on their books regarding what women could and could not do than they did for males. For example, women couldn’t leave the house here, and women couldn’t own property there, and women didn’t even have NAMES there, but were just called “jacob’s-woman” for example. How lovely! Then over there, women were literally and legally slaves—every single one of them, and their “husbands” (ehem, owners) had the right to chop off their body parts and sell them. Their husbands were allowed to legally murder them. Didn’t women revolt? One such example of women not obeying this shit is The Burning Times. Female genocide—femicide—was the result. Thanks to femicide, there are 50 million women missing on this planet just right now, not counting history. Makes us easier to dominate when our numbers are reduced. We’ll be here all day and I’ll vomit if I continue, but here is our herstory.

Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

Let me tell you about the part of me that longs for total liberation as a human being and doesn’t think men have this plan for me and my sisters. Let me tell you about how this evil feminazi laughs in their faces when they call me a bitch. Let me tell you about my traitor ways: I will not have sex with them. I will not touch them. I do not trust them. When I walk out my door, and another one comes rubbing up on me, cooing into my ear, trying to get the hairy, make-up free radical feminist to fuck him, I want to pummel his face with my fist. The rage of a cat backed into a corner. Cause I know what men do, what they are, what they have done throughout patriarchal history. I know they erased the records, and only now are we digging up the truth. We’re finding out that god used to be a woman, a Goddess, and she didn’t think women should obey their husbands. Oh, contraire! We used to have peaceful matriarchies all over the world!

And I laugh. I laugh and I laugh and I laugh because I am too tired to explain this again and again and again.

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them." – Margaret Atwood

Read some herstory. Read some herstory. Read some herstory. And while you’re at it, have a long hard look at the news. This is our point in time on that patriarchal timeline of hell on Earth. Our generation is the continuation of that horrific tale.

Then you can tell me what hate looks like.

“For women, getting angry is socially unacceptable, even when the anger is over violence, discrimination, misogyny, and other forms of oppression. Anger is unacceptable because angry women are women in touch with their passion and power, especially in relation to men, which threatens the entire patriarchal order. It’s unacceptable because it forces men to confront the reality of male privilege and women’s oppression and their involvement in it, even if only as passive beneficiaries. Women’s anger challenges men to acknowledge attempts to trivialize oppression with “I was only kidding." And women’s anger is unacceptable to men who look to women to take care of them, to prop up their need to feel in control, and to support them in their competition with other men. When women are less than gracious and good-humored about their own oppression, men often feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, at a loss, and therefore vulnerable." – Allan G. Johnson

And when you say, “Why do you spend so much time being angry like this? Why don’t you be more positive. Don’t think about such sad things.”

Yeah, I will remember that when it’s you being raped. When it’s you being beaten. When it’s you who hasn’t enough to eat and are joining the global women in poverty. I’ll remember that your recommendation was apathy.

No. Instead I’ll remember when women were warriors. We are warriors.

“So how do you manage to stay sane with all this on your mind?”

I don’t. That’s the simple truth. I’m a little bit disturbed all of the time, and extremely horrified the rest of the time—I’m awake to see that the world is a fucking madhouse.

Peace and tranquility is found when I am with my sisters, only my sisters. This is why female-only space is forbidden. That’s where we recharge, get our strength. That’s where women help each other, lend a hand, lift each other up.

Loving women is the most hateful thing you can do to men.

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346 thoughts on “Let me tell you how much I HATE MEN!

  1. Immediately after freeing myself from the servitude of this porn addicted, abusive fuck wit the women in my life who I had abandoned to nourish his sick ego were there for me. Not judging, not instructing and without false intention. Just with caring, compassion and intelligence. He has no such people in his life and I hope he never gets to lay his predatory fingers on a female ever again. I will never allow myself to be tricked and bullied by these evil monsters again and I will be seeking out and showing love and respect to the women around me and speaking gentle truth to them all whether they want to hear it or not.

  2. Men are Socio and Pyscho paths, and what is so sad is women birth these creatures. I am so happy to not have any boys, two beautiful girls that i will raise to be very head strong and not take crap from any man. any man that do my princesses wrong i wouldnt mind serving time in prison because i will kill a bastard with my bare hands. I can understand some women not wanting to have children with these men because it does hurt once they decide to fuck off nd leave u with a child, but lets be real we are not doing this for a man, however if i didnt have kids or had gotten pregnant with these gremlins i defo would of done the insemination, at least that way i dont know the fuckers and wouldnt be upset that they are not in the childs life, also that sperm doner would not of used and abused my body and made me feel like shit.

    At least I have my kids because thats what alot of women aspire to do is to get married and have kids thinking it will give them secruity when really ts a false sense of secruity. Thank God for child support milk every penny outta their arses. I also do not understand some stupid women who would rather be a wife and not have children. i thy dont want kids then that is their choice and have every right to make that choice, but what i dont get is they say they would rather be a wife, when the man is likely to cheat on u and leave u later for a younger woman.

  3. @JL
    Thanks for your comment, you are a very intelligent woman and a scholar. You spread the absolute truth.

    Basically, whatever stereotype they have come up for us, is a direct projection of themselves: Men are promiscuous, fickle, shallow, emotional, and above else they love drama. It’s gaslighting 101 used by Narcissists (men). They have the brainwashing down to a t because they are manipulative by nature. Everything they do is for themselves, they don’t ever do things for the sake of another person. Don’t believe anything they do or anything they say, it is a LIE.

  4. I am scared by how much I agree with this. I hate men, but I have always hated myself for hating them.

    They are disgusting. They will beg to be with you and worship you, while at the same time watching videos of countless naked and shaved women getting completely disrespectfully penetrated. But they love you and those women mean nothing.

    Or theyll say you are perfect and amazing and want to marry you. Only to end up trying to fuck your sister.

    Or they decide that because you kissed them that is consent despite the fact that you told them to stop. Then will tell you its your fault for not physically stopping them.

    They will claim to be different but they are all the same.

    They cannot love the way i want to be loved.

    Which pains me because I was raised to make a man loving me the center of my self worth.

    And now im married and pregnant by this man who has hurt me. I am trapped and feel dead inside.

  5. I hate them too. ALL MEN. All of them.

    I’ve been punched, strangled, stalked, knocked unconcious, raped, blamed, slandered.

    Fuck them. Let’s rape them. !!! Let’s beat the fucking shit out of them!!!!

    Fuck men. Fuck them all. I hate every single one of them. Unless they stand up and start saying that raping us (yes tearing our vaginas or anuses is wrong?) and causing our bodies to be bloodied or battered – I will hate them until I die.

    Fuck ugly sick rapist pig men.

  6. I Hate men. I wish they all would burn in hell. I wonder what would happen if all women decided to go on a strike and not have sex with them.

  7. I despise men. All except a small handful: my brother, my boyfriend and two of my male friends (one of which is gay). I found myself absolutely done with men after being in a terrible relationship in desguise. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time ranting about how terrible my ex boyfriend was. You all know that men are useless, horrible, garbage-scum of the Earth. I cannot see their purpose AT ALL! Every day I read or watch the news I hear about some disgusting, scandalous or heinous crime committed, and OF COURSE, the perpetrator is a man! How utterly shocking (not!) I’ve always had strong intuitive abilities, but I’ve gotten so good that I can predict the next headlines it seems. Registered sex offenders; rapists; thieves, vandals; creeps and perverts; ALL FUCKING MEN! All of them! I hate literally 99.5% of men and the only ones I don’t hate and want to kill with my thoughts are the ones mentioned before. Men serve no purpose in the world and their sexist, idiotic, ignorant and retarded selves should just kill each other off and leave the women and children the FUCK ALONE! My profession (criminal justice) is unfortunately swarming with men. You’d think police officers would have enough decency in their mind to at least not blatantly comment on how “hot” a woman they see is in front of their fellow female officer, but of course not, NO! They even do it. Everywhere I go I hear sick perverted remarks by these immature, pointless bags of flesh – aka “MEN” and I am disgusted by them and bite my tongue. If only they knew what I was thinking; I’ve killed them 100 different ways in my head by chopping off their tiny useless penises and shoving it down their throats! Luckily, I have a seemingly amazing boyfriend at the moment. We’ve been going out for five months now and everything is going well. HOWEVER, as with all useless penis-owners, my boyfriend started out being rude when I would wake him up. I’d have a nightmare and would wake him up to cuddle with me and he would get as and roll over, yanking the covers with him. He went through my phone recently when I had knowingly left my phone in the car to go into the bank and found a conversation between gay friend and I and didn’t like how we talked to each other; addressing one another as “boo” and “baby cakes.” All in the name of fun and knowing each other for years. Of course this started unnecessary drama between my boyfriend and I and he was crying along with me. We trust each other in everything else but this was just ridiculous and RUDE. No confidence or trust right there! My boyfriend is great but he is obsessive. Somehow, I am basking in his loyalty and sweetness. He is very thoughtful but says I’m his life. My career is my life and a boyfriend/future husband is NOT my priority! I’ve always been a strong and independent woman, and no MAN in gonna make me believe that HE is MY life, no matter how much he wants me to say it back, I will not. I love him dearly and we treat each other well but there have been times I’ve called him out on his rudeness and fuckery. He doesn’t seem to be as much as an inconsiderate idiot as the rest of the men. My boyfriend has almost all female friends (which he rarely, if ever sees; he’s a loner), and says he hates men too. He loves his mother very much and has a sister. So perhaps being raised around women has softened him because he expresses his passion, desires, thoughts and soul with me like no other man has before ever! I believe my hatred of men came to a complete head after my 2011-2013 relationship. I also grew up with a drug addicted father that would come and go as he pleased while my poor mother lived in poverty on government and state assistance struggling to support my brother and I. He also recently married after spending numerous years in prison, to a woman 4 months older than I. Yup, men are useless creatures. They now have a girl and a boy; my half-sister is only a year old and I am almost 24. I always wanted a sister but not under these circumstances. The pain of knowing my father starting his life over is unbearable. I can’t even feel it anymore unless my “step mom” emails or calls me about another pregnancy. I was sodomized on my previous relationship and on countless occasions my ex would have sex with me while I was sleeping or half asleep. I was also sexually assaulted by a male “friend” in a park. Last time I’ve heard, the bastard was behind bars for sexual assault – but that wasn’t me! I didn’t press charges so he had done it to another poor woman!!! I guess the point of my rant is that I hate all men. I see them useless, ugly, stupid, selfish, idiotic, mean and vile. If an illness came along and only killed men I’d be the happiness woman alive.

  8. To all ladys outthere.. Please do not willingly have sex with these ringworms. Lets make them have to have sex with thier own piggy kind. Don’t have sex with any man. Evil fuckers kill them off I too hate these arsehole fucks sucha fuking kunt ofa breed. Don’t have sex with men never again don’t do it there sicko fucks. Hate men. Go fuk urselfs

  9. Ps I fukin love ur website here ur a badass women warrior. ;) those men u’ve encountered should be hanged. Hell 99% of these bastards should be.
    & in reply to austin fuckface go fuck ur father up his arse you poof ya know since you love men so much fagget. Men created this men created that. Who the fuck pushed you into this world a machine you probably think dear old daddy did

  10. I fucking hate men so much.I have 3 kids.Two are boys.If I ever see them disrespect or hurt a woman I will kill them with my bare hands!.My daughter is 11 and already hates men, since their dumbass father up and left them to try and avoid paying child support.I tell her all the time to finish school, get a great career going and fuck ever depending on a man like I did!.All men care about is how hot a woman is, he could care less about her intelligence, her integrity..it’s all about the best hole he can find to put his tiny pecker in.I wish I could fucking cut a man’s dick off and watch him bleed to death.I would laugh so fucking hard !!.Useless pieces of shit they all deserve to die!!!.

  11. “why are the rapists never in therapy, only the raped?” This really resonated with me. Even though I was raped by a stranger years ago I am tormented today. It sucks that rapists don’t give a shit and it is their victims that suffer for life. I hate rapists – they should all go to prison and get raped themselves. Period.

    Men never understand. They always say, “Not all men.’ THEN WHY DO YOU NEED MILLIONS OF PORN VIDEOS OF SIMULATED RAPE THEN GODADAMNIT – MEN TELL ME THIS???? It’s not women that have a demand to see grown women sucking off animals and being abused. It’s men who laugh at it and enjoy watching women be degraded in the worst ways. I hate how men defend the nasty porn industry. They are all perverts and rapists and I hate them all.

  12. I just love you. Why is it so bad to say ‘I hate men’? It’s not like we chose to live in a society where we’re forced to interact with men and see everything through their eyes. What is with the trendy malevolence for the word hate anyway? What does it even really mean? Maybe we should all focus on turning ourselves into robots so we don’t accidentally start hating people who’ve made our entire lives a misery.

    But let me ask you a question. Do you think it’s possible that some men can be our allies?
    (lol jk)

  13. From my husband to my boss, all men really are the same. You get the supposed nice one who say “We’re not all like that” Yes you are. You get turned on watching a rape. You look at disgusting things on porn because “you cant help it”. Women have just had to accept, get over, laugh, and tolerate mens behaviour. Why dont men have their penis cut off after rape? Oh thats right, its way too barbaric to do that. The woman should just get on with her life and forget about it. The men that have fucked me over- My brother molested me for 8 years, my stepfather humiliated me in front of his friends, my boyfriend had an affair with my best friend (surprise surprise), my fiance raped me repeatedly but didnt think it was rape because “thats what women are for and if a woman (girlfriend, fiance or wife) says no he has the right to take what he needs”. God forbid a woman says “nope not in the mood”, that makes her a prude apparently. I hate them. I despise them and their grotty bacteria filled dicks. How many men wash their hands after going to the toilet – id say about 5%. Then they touch everything in the house, car, work. I have to walk around with Dettol.

  14. YES I thought I was the only one who thought this. Thank god for you. I despise men so much it makes me physically ill. Especially with that Polytechnique shooting. Since the beginning of time it’s been like this. If men hate us this much, I’m damn gonna hate them back ten times as hard. They deserve what’s coming to them. I hope they burn for what the people of their sex did to us. I wish I could just destroy them all.

  15. Austin apparently thinks that his mother has given nothing to the world save for his sorry (dingleberried) ass.

    He states: “LOL, idiotic women. Without men you wouldn’t have automobiles, Televisions, telephones, computers, fur coats made from MEN hunting wild animals, and MUCH MUCH more. Women have done so much less than men have,”

    Women have given you life itself, Austin. A woman gave you breath. A woman sustained you weak little thing. Your very existence depended on a woman. You wouldn’t even be here without a woman, but would you tell her to her face how idiotic and worthless she is? Women have done “so much less” than men have, but women gave you life itself. Which is more than you or any man could ever possibly do because you’re incapable of that. It is a power that ONLY woman have and you hate it and are having a tantrum over it.

    No one needs men. You know it, and you hate it. You can’t even exist without the X chromosome. You’re completely dependent on it for life.

    Oh and those breasts you have also have mammary glands and can produce milk. A gift from your mother.

  16. I love you I love you so much because I agree so much. because I FOUND SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS I feel this world is a crappy place to be because of them. And if they are still here, and if there is reincarnation I do not want to be born ever again after I die. And I do not want to give birth to one of those creatures.

  17. It is not right to make fun of women even if they are not as intelligent/strong as we are they still deserve respect.

  18. Men stick to sexual stereotypes because they fear ridicule from other males and women who have bought into the stereotype of gender roles. Such men are weak and childish at best and egotistical and aggressive at worst. Deep down they are afraid of women. The institution of patriarchy is to blame. Men could be better, smarter, kinder and more equal partners. They can be and they should be. Consider how weak a child is when it’s born… Humans are built for cooperation not warfare. Men and women depend on each other for survival. They are made for each other, physically and spiritually. But our natural instincts and feelings for each other are perverted by perverted social norms, ugly traditions, greed, lies in every aspect of life. The rich are using these dehumanized men to suppress women in order to further their own interests to the detriment of the entire race and the planet as a whole. How can real love exist in this state of things? Anyone, man or woman who doesn’t question the status quo and patriarchal gender roles is leading a superficial, dehumanized, self-destructive existence.

  19. Women are not made from men. It is possible for two women to make a child. This has already been done with mice. Barring women from science for so long has been one way to keep us from advancements that could lead to our independence from them. It’s not the rich suppressing women, it’s men. This society is running exactly as they want it to run because it benefits them. The idea that this hurts men is moot.

  20. I always felt this way, but never had the courage to say it. I hate men. I hate their looks, their bodies, their characters, their constant thirst for sex, their stupid barren minds when trying to find a solution for a problem, their weakness when they try to act strong, their dependency when they try to act independent, their neediness , their boredom, their body odor, their lack of creativity and taste, their tightness with money. I wish there was an island for women, only women.

  21. All of you girls aRe righT. MEN are fucking assholes. Theyre just thinking about their dicks all the time. My father is the same. My mom loved him so much. He made fun of my about to have mastectomy to have her tits of because she has breast cancer. My mom did not do it for him to be still satisfied sexually. We werent that rich so my mom couldnt have any fake boobs. My mom died a few years after. Leaving me as the eldest to look after my siblings while he gets drunk with his friends and fuck other women.

  22. And here I am thinking Im the only one who’s thought like this.
    The only men I’ve ever encountered are just liars and full of bullshit.Don’t trust any of them.

  23. This is why women must speak up! Other women think they are the only ones and feel alone! Raise the torch high. Shout it from rooftops. Somewhere, a woman is wondering if she is mad or if her perceptions are real.

  24. I thought that I was the only woman who felt this way. I can remember seeing movies as a kid, & getting steamed up when the hero came out crap like “you look pretty when your`e angry”, or silenced her by kissing her forcefully on the mouth, & she`d melt into his arms & be passive. I found as I grew up that other women can be just as bad in their own way, with their spite & jealousy blaming victims of sexual harrassment, & putting pressure on me to look “pretty”. I blame them for going along with men in victimising one another. The worst thing that men do is to push women into having children, fooling them into thinking that any woman who doesn`t want them is unnatural & mentally disturbed. When she does have his kids, he complains about how fat & unnatractive she`s become, then leaves her for a younger childless woman. Mem are the pits!

  25. I also hate men! I have been so deeply hurt by men. From being molested by my father to being physically abused and dam near killed by the hands of one of them. I tried to forgive my father although he happens to be in prison but I realize now that he doesn’t care about getting to know me and having a father daughter relationship he just needs money while he is in jail. As for all the other men in my life they have did nothing but lie lie lie …. I also found out that my ex was in a relationship with a transvestite which he failed to share that information with me but put on a big act by going to church and doing all these things to make it seem as if he only dated women born female. I hate men and I am sure men hate women as well. They prove it by how they treat women… I can only pray that I don’t fall victim to their ability to killed u without even thinking twice because every man that cross my path I have decided I am going to treat them like the fucking shit bags they’re. I don’t have any respect for men I have tried to forgive them but I am sick of being the bigger better person. I’m done they can all go fuck each other because they all assholes and dicks but that’s also what they really like.

  26. Yeah, much of what most of you have said, has resonated with me. I hate them, too! I despise the very ground males walk on because they have tainted it with their very presence. I wish an astute and very brilliant female scientist would come up with a virus that would attack only the Y chromosome and wipe out the male population. Can you imagine? The world would be a much more peaceful, non-violent, and safe environment in which to live.
    I can only count on one hand (four fingers and one thumb) the guys that actually don’t fit the overall mold of men. That, I think, is extremely sad.
    I’m so tired and fed up with “men” trying to “fix” everything, when they are the very ones who have perpetuated the problem in the first place. They are the blind leading the blind, arrogant beyond compare, proud, stupid, clueless, useless, worthless.
    They are all fucking assholes who take up valuable resources and oxygen. They think it is their duty to lord over us, to subdue us, to tell us what we can and cannot do.
    I hate them with every fiber of my being and I hate everything they are and what they stand for. If I should be so bold, Aileen Wuornos should have been applauded for ridding the world of some of the vile, pervy, assholes that served no other purpose than to victimize and marginalize women, instead of being put on death row and ultimately being executed. If she had been a man and had murdered women, I’m sure she would’ve been spared the death penalty.
    I can only hope to become the most prolific female serial killer and snuff out many, many male assholes in the years to come (metaphorically speaking). The world would be a much better place and their pathetic lives would not even be missed in the least bit.
    Convicted rapists should have their balls and penises cut off once their sentence is finalized. They will never be rehabbed or anything else. They should suffer and understand what the consequences are for abusing and taking what doesn’t belong to them. Period. Oh, but of course, why would this ever happen when men are the ones who preside over sentencing. A man would never sanction the removal of the ” family jewels” for another man because, “Bro! You just don’t do that!”
    Let’s just set up a chopping block in the courtroom and when the sentence is handed down, just lob it off…all of it off. The guy has to sit down and pee for the rest of his life and he never again gets his rocks off or has an orgasm. Now that sounds like real justice to me.

  27. I agree with you all, cuz no man surpassed the challenge to remain pure. All of em’ are disgusting and should be thrown to the pit! Not just any pit but the lowest, deepest, pit of hell!!!

  28. I am still 15 yrs old. And I fucking hate men already! I even plan not to marry one! I had rejected all potential loyal lovers cuz I don’t trust them.(True love only exist on stories and fantasies, not in reality!)

    I also hate women who love them so much cuz they don’t know what kind of reality men could offer them. Hell I would be laughing so hard when one of them got divorced and separated or cheated by their boyfriends! MWUHAHAHA!!!

    I was told not to have a relationship cuz men or boys would leave us. And yez they do. Hate them!
    They do not love their fat wives anymore and leave them on their own.
    Their overpower us and order us around. Who the fuck are you SATAN?!
    They cannot control their lust! Fuck it! I hate them so much because of it! GRRR!!!
    Hate them, HATE them, HATE THEM!!!
    I am with you ladies! And I promise I will not give birth to these bullshit creatures. Nor have sex with them! (Eww! You don’t deserve to abuse my body you motherfuckers who were sons of a bitch!)

  29. I’m actually ashamed to admit this, but I was once in the porn industry. My father left me and my mom and I had to make money. Without an actual degree, I was forced into that disgusting business. I was forced to taint myself with those despicable creatures, who were permitted to hide their faces, while I could not. I was humiliated and desecrated by their hunger.

    I worked with women also and let me tell you this, most of them hate men as well. They hate having to be dressed up with a certain criteria and hate having to smile falsely, just to get these beasts entertained. I hate men, penises, their dna and their filthy hands that frisk my body.

    I left the porn industry to live with another woman. I live in a compound exclusively for women only. I apologize for not giving the name, but I don’t want to get the owner in trouble for what she’s doing. She’s actually denying male clients. While this blog is meant exclusively for women, it’s obvious that those sick bastards check this place.

    Anyway, men say women need them, I say we don’t need them at all. Havinglived only with women for two years now, I must say that I’m pretty happy and well-adjusted. I make less, but heck I’m happy. However, my only problem is that I’m not exactly lesbian. I’m trying to be, but it’s a little difficult escaping this messed up norm.

  30. Lea Alonzo that compound sounds amazing…I’m glad you’ve found some peace away from men.
    I watched porn when I was younger for a short time when I was still in my teens and still feel damaged by it, but the images of women in pain stay with me and I feel guilty for even supporting it for a short time. I wish I could disembowel ever pornographer on the planet earth.
    According to this radfem scientific website https://trustyourperceptions.wordpress.com/ men’s revolting endless porn use might actually be killing themselves off. They’re depleting their own sperm count and the y is growing weaker every generation. Goddess hope they eventually die off like the disease they are.

  31. Omg this spoke to me! You are soo strong and spoke about things that i try mention but no one else gets! Do you have a facebook page that i can follow or something? Or know of any good feminist groups i could follow?

  32. Ha! I just read my history through your words. Thank you for writing this piece. I thought I was alone…

  33. After I read an article about a horrific rape in the news(which is everyday because men will never stop raping, not even for a measly 24 hours) I fantasize about buying a gun and tracking down as many rapists as I can. I don’t even think I’d mind going to jail. I’d be a hero to women and I’d make every rapist and wannabe rapist shit his pants. I’d make ever rapist and future rapist wonder if the women had finally had enough,

  34. Jairo most of the men I meet can barely put a coherent sentence together and are 140 pound twinks. Can I make fun of them?

  35. Feminism is a great battle for all women, everywhere. Unless we work against the patriarchy, we’ll never be seen as superior to men. Can’t we just stop their ignorance? Knowledge is our weapon. For once, we need to use our empirical evidence to fight misogyny. Even if they think they can rape women, we can send them right to the prisons where they belong. Most women are victims of this horrible oppression, if not all. I think if we band together, we can all prevent this from happening. Never again will I let men control me. If they try, they’ll regret it. Someday we women will be victorious, and claim our rightful place over the monsters. May we all win together, and destroy the patriarchy!

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