Intercourse Effects on Root and Sacral Chakras


Intercourse is the act of the male phallus entering a woman’s vagina, usually with repeated thrusting and pounding. The man is active. The woman is receptive, by definition: she receives his body, his movements into her. She may be responsive, but she is ultimately the passive player in this act. Even when she is on top of the male, guiding the rhythm of the process, she is receiving him. He is inside her, not the other way around. The boundary of her flesh is crossed, not his. It is an altogether unique metaphysical experience to be the woman in intercourse, rather than the man. His experience is unique to his anatomy as well, but that is not the point of this text, so I’ll focus on the female, on us.

We, as woman, receive the male phallus into our womb, and he occupies space within our bodies. While there, the pointed part of his body hits against our vaginal walls, usually as deep as the penis can be pushed, and then there it repeatedly pushes up against the cervix. This may be a slow repetitive action, or a fast one. It may be done with light force or extreme force. But it is done with force—with a power of active initiative and assertion—to the woman. When on top, she is actively penetrated by the male on her own terms, but she is penetrated nonetheless. Whatever her position, he is within her, and her root chakra is physically and metaphysically penetrated. Her sacral, or 2nd chakra, is also influenced by this act.

This is an experience unique to the female, to us. The male does not experience having his 1st and 2nd chakra penetrated and pounded on by a creature with an outside will. If he is ever penetrated at all in his life, which is rare, it is usually done by another male, and this experience is implicitly understood even by males themselves to confer submission, a lower status. Why? That’s a can of worms, but let’s stick to us for now.

For females, this is always our experience in intercourse.

At this location on our bodies, the root and sacral chakras have implications for our spiritual balance. The root, the chakra most directly effected by intercourse, is the area where our feelings of being grounded reside, our survival instincts, stability, food, trust, and security. The next chakra up, very closely effected by intercourse, is the sacral chakra, which regulates feelings of self-worth, emotions, creativity, sexuality, guilt, fear, and anger.

The world over, the root and sacral chakra of women is pounded on a fairly regular basis. Pairing us off with husbands in heterosexual relationships ensures that this will be a recurring theme in our lives. Though the physical experience may create biological feelings of arousal or ecstasy, so does heroine use. The true nature is destructive to our life force, our strength. We are physically colonized, and our power center is compromised. Paired off with males in heterosexual coupling, we are expected by him and all of society to accept this action done to our bodies. We are told by all that this activity is enjoyable and natural. Previously, intercourse was considered an act that women did not like. This is why it is considered by many to be a prize that a woman can offer a man for certain behavior and why women often revoke this allowance in order to control men. This entire dynamic centers around the basic idea that men are wild with desire for intercourse, and women are more or less apathetic about it, able to take it or leave it depending on the situation. More recently, it has been considered a cornerstone of women’s emancipation that we are viewed as active players in intercourse with a sexual appetite of our own.

This makes no sense.

Men wanted intercourse from women, and women did not want to give men intercourse. Think Lilith in the garden of Eden.

As a result, women have now been liberated so that we can have lots of intercourse with men, and it’s touted as our idea.

This makes no sense.

As a sociopath once said to me, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? We tricked all you women. And how can we ever respect you when you cannot see what we have done. We figured out how to make you give us more sex and think it is your idea. Stupid bitches.”

The idea going forth is that the solution to unwanted pressure to have intercourse is to want intercourse.

Whether we want to or not, we as women will be penetrated, nearly every single one of us. If it’s not through incest or rape, it may be because we want children and are told the only way to accomplish this is to let a man inside our bodies. It may be because we seek love and men give us what they call love when we let them inside of our bodies. If not love, just about anything a woman could want that a man has can be acquired through allowing him entrance into our bodies. In a culture where men have institutional power, the playing field is set up so that he will always have more than we do, and very often he will have something we need, whether it be status, physical size (to offer protection), a higher rate of pay hence more financial stability, and sperm for producing children, etc etc forever. What he asks of us is that we allow our root and sacral chakra to be pounded in exchange.

Yet the root chakra is the home of survival. Food, shelter, and security reside there. The sacral chakra is where we find our self-worth.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Are we made into submissives through the act of his physical domination of our aura and spiritual balance, or do we allow him to do this because we are already made submissive through material structural oppression? Both.

Historically speaking, at the time when patriarchy took hold, approximately 6,000 years ago, women were subjugated through rape which overlapped with marriage. Women became the physical property of males, but it was through forced penetration that the real dominance took hold.

Men know what they are doing.

Rape is not about sex.

It is about domination.

Intercourse is also about domination, but it’s been linked with “love” the way “this hurts me as much as it hurts you, because I love you” usually precedes violent disciplinary action.

Penetration itself is an assault on the root and sacral chakra, and through this activity, he throws our spiritual balance off course. We lose our sense of connectedness to the Earth and sense of worth. This makes us prime candidates for oppression and control. Of all chakras to attack, the root and sacral are the literal omegas of our sense of being and confidence; they correspond most tangibly to a feeling of existing at all. In other words, if you wanted to destroy a person’s ability to rebel, to resist, or to confidently stand up for themselves and love themselves, these are the two chakras you’d aim for. If you wanted to make a person feel disconnected from her body, these are the chakras you’d want to destroy. If you wanted to make a person feel worthless and too tired to care about that feeling, this is where you’d hit. If you wanted to make someone afraid and guilt-ridden, this is where you’d pound. If you wanted to suffocate someone’s anger, the root chakra is where you should focus your intent. The parasitic obsession with penetration (see pornography everywhere 101) is an obsession with the power to destroy the very essence of a human being literally at her core. If you wanted to obliterate a human being to the degree that she becomes a fragmented, disjointed, dissociative, passive, acquiescing, stumbling shell of a person who feels like an alien in her own skin, these are the two chakras you’d need to hit the hardest.



The path out is to deny him access to our spiritual, metaphysical, and bodily center. Refuse to let him enter our space. Require the boundaries of our body to remain fully intact, uncompromised, just like his always are. He, the dominant, does not experience occupation or penetration of these chakras. It is no coincidence that he also runs the world.

If you think male access to your body is a choice you make in freedom, try telling him no.

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34 thoughts on “Intercourse Effects on Root and Sacral Chakras

  1. I think that this is why everybody thinks of “getting fucked” as being degrading. As in, “fuck you, buddy”.

  2. Celibacy for het women is greatly stigmatized. The patriarchal pressures to not be celibate are absolutely crushing, of course, and underrating celibacy is only one method of coercion. One must by every tradition marry and submit to copulation. Divorce, starvation, beatings, and ostracism are some of the traditional ways of forcing women to submit to copulation.

    To be celibate is to gain power and control and feel that one does possess one’s body. The nice thing is, it can be done at any point in life; previous sexual experience actually makes it easier, after we have seen what copulation really is. It also feels great physically, and I speak from experience saying this.

    Celibacy is also a substantial political act. It is a withdrawal of women’s energy from the patriarchy, and a simple way of boycotting the patriarchy. The myth is that het women desire it innately. But women’s sexual desire can be satisfied in so many ways which do not reward, bolster, and submit to the patriarchy.

    Your theory about metaphysical harm caused to women by copulation does make sense to me. The chakra info is something to think about.

    Thanks, super article.

  3. There are so many layers to this. Dworkin wrote a book about it, so did Millett. It seems that the more you dig, the more all arrows point to the same conclusion: this is not good for women.

    Men have been telling us indirectly since forever, too. Calling us “damaged goods” or “sluts” or using “fuck” as a threat tells a lot about what they understand themselves to be doing to us. They know.

  4. I’m not a radical feminist but lately i have been understanding all how about patriarchy system works and how i has led us to this state where women as women we have no value as beings but as objects to get what they need.

    Your article makes so much sense, i just have an opinion, i get what you explain about the chakras and how all that violent banging that most of the time men impose on women can disrupt their balance. However, as a biologist i can say that sex it is natural, i do not consider it like a any kind of malicious plot made by the man just to literally have us. It is have life comes into this world and it is like so for every animal with similar reproductive system like ours.

    Moreover, studies have come to conclusions like monkeys and dolphins have sex just for fun or as i would like to interpret, because they enjoy it.

    I’m of course agains any kind of objectification of women, against what pornography have done to the relationship at a sexual level between men and woman i reaaaally get it and support women independency and right to decide how we wants things to be, how we need to rise and stop the abuse. I just don’t thing intercourse is unnatural but we all are differente so if a woman choose celibacy it is okay.

    And about equating sex with love to me, i see the twisted intentions of man using this just to get trough us, but do you really think it is always like that, i just think that such a wide generalization of the facts you stated lead by example, to extinction of the specie, no that we are a reduced population but going to the extremes almost always make us miss some points, or views or people. I really like your article and thanks for sharing your thoughts to us.

  5. Good point Roxx, but really, it is radical to say that women don’t naturally like being pounded away at, and that orgasm isn’t just about penetration. The biological clue that PIV is not the only way to achieve orgasm for women kind of provides alternative views. The fact that earth is overpopulated to the extreme, means women worldwide have a right to completely change the game. The rise of lesbian nation globally points to radical alternatives as well.

    Men really are not going to give women choices, men hate celibacy in women. Women are made fun of for not wanting to engage with men at all– hetero women, and I think after the destruction of global patriarchy, women need to make radical knowlege widely available. There is so much coersion on the part of men, that freedom of choice for women doesn’t really exist. We are trying to create a world where real choice is an option for all women.

  6. Excellent article, W4m and especially this point moved me as true: “Though the physical experience (PIV) may create biological feelings of arousal or ecstasy, so does heroin use.” I’ve often said, when asked why not PIV, “well, I don’t do crack either.”

    From my own PIV experiences, I am very sure the battering capacity of the phallus is critical to the trauma-bonding out of body experiences (like crack or heroin) that passes for heterosexual love from woman to man.

    Re: Sheila G’s comment, I wish the “rise of lesbian national globally,” particularly if second-wave political lesbianism existed still as a strong force, were enough to wake women up from the societal Stockholm syndrome that PIV generates for women. Instead, the innate puppy-rescue sensibilities of the majority of lesbians co-opted in the 21st century by identity politics of GLBTQQetcwtf have diluted what was once the lesbian freedom-from-patriarchy movement to virtual non-existence. It is to the point that CA (typically leading the nation in liberal causes) is ready to be the first state to pass an explicit MtT-promoted gender statute detrimental to the privacy and bodily integrity rights (in schools and bathrooms) of real girls and women but in the name of expanding on the gay rights movement of gay men and lesbian women. The bill is on the governor’s desk ready to be signed as I write this.

    My point, in response to W4’s amazingly on-point post, is that it will take more women, whether or not identified as lesbian, to decide against PIV if we are to reclaim body-mind-spirit integrity for more than the relatively few women who have that integrity today around the globe.

    Lesbians using strap-on fake phalluses, sorry to say, lack the bodily integrity just as much as het women having PIV do. It may take not only celibate RF het women but also het women who aren’t RF (just as many non-fake-phallus-using lesbians are not RF) and are still in relationship with their nigels to say “no PIV,” we don’t want more (or any) children, and if he leaves, she makes her own way.

    I don’t believe RFs in 2013 can rely on false hopes of lesbians to save us (and as a celibate post-het woman I’m more lesbian than not, but not out because I don’t want to be identified in anybody’s mind with GLBTQQetcwtf). I say “false hopes” because the majority of lesbians today ages 18 to 100+ are represented more by the L-Word and world of strap-on phalluses as depicted on cable TV (and/or as politically represented by GLBTQQetcwtf) than by reminisces back to how lesbian feminists starting a movement pre-1970 saw the world before gay males and trangendered MtTs (males transitioned to gender-role feminized fe-males) usurped lesbian (authentic) female selfhood with puppy-esque rescue diversions.

    Yes many MtTs have suffered societal discrimination just as abandoned puppies do (and as all women everywhere do) but that was and remains an insufficient cause politically for MtTs to have derailed women’s freedom from male oppression as they seemingly have with GLBTQQetcwtf.

    Drawing from all woman-born women everywhere — however any of us ‘identify’ sex-partner sex-class preferences as some, all or none — will be the best strategy for freeing the maximum number of us from PIV and achieving a critical mass for spinning out of patriarchy’s control.

  7. Typo apologies, W4 (not W4m certainly)!

    Your article is amazing, W4, so clearly posited about the harm to women from PIV. I’m going to research to see if I can learn how to re-blog this.

  8. Reblogged this on sally archer and commented:
    Excellent explanation from W4 supporting how societal Stockholm syndrome (the ecstasies and agonies of trauma bonding) exists for billions of women culturally man-ipulated by men to have PIV (penis in vagina) and in the 21st century brainwashed by media to believe it is good for us. Next time we wonder why women collectively don’t rise up and throw off the shackles of patriarchy, consider the role of male agency in PIV thrusting and pounding against women. And just say no.

  9. Call your endorphin-hazed response to sexual objectification whatever you want, but your philosophy is not radical feminism. Instead your comment belongs at Feministing or some apologetics blog for women pimped out into partner swapping but self-identified as sex “rebels.”

    The first sex pozzie craze for women followed first wave feminism (flappers of the ’20’s), then there was the sexual revolution sex pozzie craze #2 in response to second wave feminism (’60’s and ’70’s) and now the (how predictably boring) #3 rendition of a sex pozzie craze has crested again among women like yourself in the 21st century. Not that man-made media isn’t behind it all to make it happen by conditioning and brainscrubbing. But it is an old story of male man-ipulation of womankind’s sexuality operating for about an entire century now. Nothing new, only wrapped differently for different generations.

    I wouldn’t be able to write this and know for sure how deluded you are if I had not been the exact same way at an earlier stage of my life. And of course all the kama sutra-esque fucking is wrapped in believing oneself to be operating at a higher level spiritually than other people along with believing oneself to be attracting more open, more loving men (as if they aren’t just better at running the con on women). The males most skillful at scoring lots of females know how to wash your hair in the shower, how to rub your back with seeming care, because their gynergy-sucking payoff is that “spiritual” new-agey women are the most open sexually in faux oneness theory, the most willing to also fuck their male buddies (faux gang rape at least by the later male-on-male convos), and the easiest for them to vampirize energy from. (Men’s cons — some of them lasting for years at a time — against women are necrophilic, not biophilic, and I’m today clear about only being “one” with biophilia.)

    It was a lie for me (despite my cherished beliefs in it) and it will one day be a lie you look back on, too. When that very painful day comes, just remember when you were here on this blog and take our compassion from all of us as the authentic RFs who write here, then hug it to yourself on that awful painful day to your very core and don’t give up. You will at that point be beginning to end the delusion. Then only will you be starting your very own Life.

  10. Holy Aradia Sally, I know. Thank you and I am so sorry I didn’t monitor the comments better on this! What a disgusting graphic little porno we got here. I didn’t even finish reading past “prostate massage” and by then I almost threw up my dinner. I am sorry….I should have deleted that immediately but was busy with something and hadn’t checked the comments yesterday.


    “I am a radical feminist but I love wild kinky sex with lots of men” said no actual radical feminist EVER.

  11. Thank you for this comment. It’s brilliant. I wish it didn’t have to be made (cause I know what spawned it) but I am glad this came into existence. Totally agree Sally. I was a stubborn sex-pozzie for the longest time too. We want so badly to believe that some-effing-how men are really respectfully making deep spiritual love to us. We NEED to believe that, because the TRUTH is too much.

    The truth is that they are fucking us like their own personal ragdolls because they think that is WHY we EXIST. Gynergy-sucking vamps is right!

  12. Yes to this. Every “kind/loving” thing a man does is always a means to an end. The end being him feeling like he has some semblance of control over a female. @rebel Just ask a loving man to not have intercourse anymore or deny him access to your body and see how he reacts.

  13. Never any worries, W4, b/c I get rather a lot of joy from extending tough love enveloped to those who are women posting here in a fog they just can’t yet see through. One day “Rebel” will come to and re-member. For me that makes the online blogs even more worth it. With the way the patriarchy has divided us one from another, online spinning is the best most of us have with other RFs.

    And it’s enough. Spider-Woman always keeps some channel open. Late this afternoon, for example, for expedience I went walking where I don’t usually, b/c it is an elevated paved park path above a golf course (boringly tame). On the other side are apartments below the pedestrian path. And also a bike path. As guy after guy kept whizzing by without even noticing the gorgeous end-of-day light, I saw a woman out in an apartment garden in traditional Punjabi garb, from a culture where women in general don’t have pretense about men but make their own survival alliances with patriarchy. As if to say “how silly” about the whizzing cyclists, she inclined her head at them dismissively, then flashed me a long and brilliant smile. In that moment we knew, and we grew into the background where the wild, free selves of women reign. Spider-Woman at work or my friend in that flash of moment might say Kali.

  14. what this makes me think about is that, for women who believe in this chakra-business, the “pounding” as you say would tend to destablize them, and have meaning for them based on their belief system — a belief system shared with men, and likely shared with the men doing this (PIV-ing) to them. this would be true whether PIV actually effected “chakras” or not, or whether chakras are even a real thing or not.

    IOW its all a big fucking joke, this “religion” or belief system, and all belief systems really, is created around certain premises and rules and then the males violate the women as only women can be violated, and in the way thats likely to harm them the most psychically (because of their beliefs) and leave them with the least integrity. like the “virginity” meme of catholicism perhaps, where the “virgin” is the only woman who garners any respect at all, when all men want to do is fuck you, and when so many girls and women are raped including as their first “sexual” experience (i.e we arent virgins and its very hard to be one or stay one). a mindfuck all around.

  15. What this makes me think about, as we who embrace radical feminism as women born females write posts and comment on blogs about sexual experiences and spiritual understandings, is a guiding principle from a foresister of widely acknowledged RF renown: “While it is true that all women have had many similar experiences under patriarchy, it is also true that there have been wide variations on this theme of possession and in struggles for dispossession. To simplify differences would be to settle for a less than Dreadful judgment of the multiple horrors of gynocide. It would also impoverish our imaginations, limiting our vision of the Otherworld Journey’s dimensions.” Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology (The Metaethics of Radical Feminism).

    Daly had the advantage informing her writing, as most of us do not today, of spinning gatherings of FAAB-only women in a time before the MtT political lobby had made those gatherings of women virtually impossible if not illegal for reasons of faux equality lobbying. Daly from her spinning context did not impose upon all aspects of “religion” or belief system (which would include chakras) the mantle of disparagment as “a big fucking joke.” In the enspiriting way Daly had of honoring the expansion of female imagination as integral to RF, I wholly applaud this post by W4 for reversing the man-made uses of chakras to vampirize women and restoring the swirling colors of re-stablized energy centers as a way to visualize PIV-free women.

  16. FCM I completely agree with you that patriarchal religions are a joke. I am a Dianic Wiccan after the Z Budapest tradition, which is WBW only and there are no male gods. Budapest and even Starhawk are interested in discovering the female-centered connection with being within the world (and universe) without any male consideration. I feel robbed of this entire part of being human for having been raised Christian. Exploring a female-only connection with energy/rhythms/being/healing has been immensely influential on my relations to women, clarity of mind, etc. I have been able to take control of my PTSD when male doctors couldn’t (I was told I’d need to be on meds for the rest of my life, but have completely stopped the panic attacks on my own through energy work and connecting to a female-centered reality aka discovering radfems and their writing)

    Regarding the chakras, I did not know anything about chakras back when I was still having PIV. I learned about them after the fact and have done a lot of work through my intercourse-related traumas by working with my root and sacral chakra. I am pretty sure it’s the buddhist males who came up with the religion surrounding chakras, but I do not bother to read up on any of that. I am focused on re-membering my body with my psyche, because I have been so fragmented as a result of…well..I don’t want to go into details about my past at the moment, but a traditional upbringing for a woman in patriarchy (said sarcastically). About the men who I had PIV with….I am pretty sure their only religion was porn. I doubt any of those blokes knew something about chakras. But the obsession with multiple penetration of women in porn looks like an intentional metaphysical murder. It is black magic, which is the dominant male ethos of the world today (ever?….). They target women to destroy and aim right for an area that destabilizes ALL women, whether we know why or not (but deep down, we know why, which is why I keep digging in there). Every woman feels this, gets her energy zapped from this, is violated by this.

    At a more macro level, men built their churches/synagogues in many cases right on top of old pagan temples of the Goddess-worshiping religions of the past. Through my reading (coupled with a hunch) I think they did the same on a metaphysical level and that a lot of women’s work and belief has been built over by male religions and that some of our foremothers can be found in there where men didn’t adequately erase them. It’s unfortunate that we would even have to bother going through something like this, but I find myself looking for my foremothers everywhere I can. Patriarchal religions stole their base points from the creative gynergy of women who had developed intricate ways of interacting with the world and with knowing, much like men are still doing today (plagiarizing women’s work and taking all the credit.)

  17. The comments to this post are so “sparking” that I get emailed updates, and I hope it went without saying earlier that I’m no fan of patriarchal man-made monotheisms like christianity, judaism, islam or buddhism (which although it claims to be a practice, was founded by a man or men whose Pali Canon analogizes women to “blight on rice” only saved by buddhism including adoration of the big-bellied male statue, much as the false dichotomy of Madonna-Whore still plagues christianized women.)

    The good point of FCM about catholicism’s virgin meme is well taken, as it is particularly abusive for women of that religion who are programmed to follow Mary’s example as the young woman who, when the rapist holy moldy ghost appeared to impregnate her (so she could later bow in mythic heaven before her own son), cooed to the ghost: “Be it unto to me as thou wilt.” Ick. Raised in another christian sect that called it a holy ghost and not a holy spirit, even I learned that creepy bible verse. Ick, I feel slimed even writing it. Glad today to know it is a lie of men.

    That’s not to say that there isn’t valid discourse among women outside RF circles seeking a way through the religious male-god mazes who are not yet ready to give up their monotheistic religions and practices. The early childhood programming (fear of hell, doing the right thing, being a good person) and family ties and relationships around religion alone make the subject one where compassion for women trying to sort it out might be in order. Also gratitude for posts like W4’s that share her journey and its healing joy as the antidote to the male monotheisms.

    Much as W4 wrote regarding “men built their churches/synagogues in many cases right on top of old pagan temples of the Goddess-worshiping religions of the past,” Tibetan male buddhists built their temples on the lei lines that had been used by the female practitioners whose energy spawned the male version called buddhism. The source of this info, if my past memory serves and if google was right tonight, is

    The Tibetan buddhist males also ran stakes (creepily like a stake through the heart ) through the ground underneath where the goddess practitioners had their predecessor temples. Women today, perhaps as a cosmic consequence (who really knows precisely how the cosmos works in its interconnections), embracing buddhism because it does not explicitly call g.o.d. “Him” usually find it an ultimately unfulfilling diversion on their journey, merely what we might consider patriarchy lite.

    There are many individual options to becoming whole as a free woman. Lately I’m fond of bird feathers in my hair (homage to the bird clan Cherokee great-great-grandmother) and chanting a goddess naming litany that W4 posted here awhile ago. It’s at least harmless fun and at most an opportunity to shape cosmological energy more to our liking. The Z Budapest tradition and Dianic Wiccan journey, or goddess covens and moonlit circle dancing, or whatever else women do that helps activate the inner Witch, Goddess, RF Self, call it what you will, why not?

    Because as RF women we generally believe men do things to and regarding women in male perception of wanting to knock us down a peg (or more) or co-opt our female energy, facts like the usurping male Tibetan buddhists going to the trouble (of driving stakes through the land where women had practiced ancient goddess religion) substantiate the value of woman-centered spiritual practice as potentially liberating because men worked so hard (and still work so hard) trying to eliminate it.

    Happy victory that we’re still standing, still practicing spirit-mind-body methods of our own as women, still seeing whirling colors in our chakras.

    Bodily energy-center awareness aka chakras (even if not named that) were part of ancient women’s shamanic practices in places as diverse as Africa and Asia from many admittedly obscure resources I’ve read over the years. Generally I’ve found that anything available outside RF analysis that works for women’s spirit-mind-body integration must have come originally from women even if men re-named and try to control it now.

    As to our reclaiming and using spirit-mind-body practices our own way outside the patriarchal realm in the Otherworld where RF women spin, spark and spiral, why not?

    What are you going to do instead, watch cartoons and other films men have created, critique them by the Bechdel test or otherwise, then stew in a pot of angst about something you’re already clear about, i.e., the sex class of men is a bunch of rapist pricks by the mentality of most and the action of many, operating contrary to the interests of women, and not worth our time?

  18. Ah Sally thank you so much for that info about pre-Buddhist women! You are always so full of information! :D And thanks for linking the article so I can dig into it deeper. Totally intrigued over here now.

    This here: “Generally I’ve found that anything available outside RF analysis that works for women’s spirit-mind-body integration must have come originally from women even if men re-named and try to control it now.”

    COMPLETELY agree. That’s why I find myself sorting through what works and what doesn’t for me as a woman and discarding all the male add-ons or untwisting their reversals as much as I can. When I became curious about the Lilith archetype recently, I looked into her pre-history and found that men (of course) stole her from Inanna (she was originally her consort) and turned her into a demoness. She is therefore, in my psyche, associated with love, light, and healthy sexuality in women (meaning not male-centered and rather lesbian and female-centered). That would be cause for patriarchal militant males to declare her a demoness!

    I chant regularly too. It is really soothing. I have a few more chants to recommend then if you liked that other one. Here are some of my favorite bits to sing (while cleaning, showering, waiting for the tram, getting caught in a sudden rainstorm, etc)

    When feeling stressed, off-balance, and depleted of gynergy, this one is sooo soothing:

    When feeling overwhelmed, fearful, powerless, not grounded, all alone, this one picks me up off the ground:

    So sultry. Good for deeply emotional and contemplative moments:

    This one is light-hearted and makes me think fondly of my sisters :)

  19. If men violate us physically and psychically then it violates our energetic fields too, inevitably, because it’s a continuation of our body, each cell releases waves. So you’ll identify fractures or “wounds” in the energetic field where the different violations occurred – that is, if you can see it. I know woman who can, but I can’t, so I guess my claim depends on their honesty, but it is a basic scientific fact that we have an energetic field, and energetic disruption as a consequence of violence seems very logical to me. I don’t think there’s anything mystical or religious about energetic fields, it’s part of life, all living beings have energetic fields and a certain wavelength or whatever you call it. We do have endocrine glands at the different “chakra” points (I think this is what the chakras are based on), so penile penetration at these points would necessarily disrupt that: it’s part of the physical consequence of violation. Lots of women get cancer in the ovaries or uterus because of the years of PIV/rape, it’s related to this IMO.

    I understand FCM’s point of belief systems which are a mindfuck and therefore increase psychic harm of PIV/rape. Though the difference between the male belief systems and feminist analysis on PIV consequences is that the former is all about purity, not dishonouring the males of the family, remain “buyable” for a future male owner (families could get more money from their girl if she was virgin) whereas the latter is focused on protection from violence. So if there’s violence against this part of the body, then it will destroy, fracture or disrupt that part of the body, as well as its functions in the body.

    Then there’s the question as to whether body parts have emotional or symbolic functions, and if they do, which emotions or “metaphysical” belong to which body parts. Thinking about this helps to link the past violation to the pain or disorder when it’s gone to the unconscious. I think the chakra chart might be a useful template to understand the origin of some chronic somatic disorders, but it’s important to remain critical about it. It probably came from early medicine but there are many things I wouldn’t be able to affirm or refute myself.

  20. However in the body of the post i think there’s a confusion between consequences or effects of PIV, the definition of PIV (rape, violation, act of domination) and the intended function of PIV. Implied here is that the act of domination or ‘metaphysical destruction’ as you say is the function of PIV, but that’s a tautology IMO. Men don’t rape to dominate, they rape to control women’s reproductive capacities, to ensure the continuation of their species. It so happens that the primary means by which they do this (regular PIV) is also what’s most destructive to women.

  21. Thank you, W4, so very much for the links to Youtube.

    Really appreciated and bookmarked all four, and have already added the earth/air/fire/water/return chant to my tool box. (The fire and the magic circle was also powerful.) Kelliana’s music is amazing and transformative. So glad to know about her. It is wonderful that you share such inspiriting resources!

    This “sparking” post and its comments convey a reality about ongoing expressions and analyses of RF thinking being extremely important, and the critical dimensions as expressed by not only FCM but Witchwind giving food for additional thought. Certainly it’s OK to agree to disagree in comments, or to hear an opinion that might not be our own on any dimension of discussion (elements of which might later be incorporated into our world view). Often I’m not comfortable with an idea at first but having read it somewhere, later incorporate it into my thinking as befits my experience as reality check.

    Philosophically RF would not be freeing if it required lock-step acceptance or sycophant’s obedience to the interpretations of other women without regard to what we have experienced after personal (which is political) RF awareness. Whatever our separate opinions RF works collectively because we are united by our individuality as well the space in which we join creatively for the common purpose of our own freedom from men and freedom for our sisters. As others have said before me, all of us are not mothers but we are all daughters, and from that place of the Daughter within, Sisterhood is possible and still powerful.

    The analytical, critical thinking aspects of RF blogging remind me, to make a second-wave analogy, of Andrea Dworkin’s tight analytical prose and, consistent with her secular Jewish heritage, avoidance of spiritual topics (except for her book, Scapegoat, about post-Holocaust Jewish men oppressing Jewish women). I read a Dworkin interview about, and one of her essays corroborated, the influence (on Dworkin’s writing style and choice of topics) of her father’s intellectual emphasis with her as his daughter on the male-designated literary and essayist greats and their emphasis on critical thought. She engaged with RF analysis from what she knew as well as where she was and the movement of where she was going, as true for us all individually.

    The cosmological, ethereal and elemental aspects of RF blogging remind me of Mary Daly who (in Gyn/Ecology, the Metaethics of Radical Feminism), wrote: “Powerful innocence is seeking and naming the deep mysteries of interconnectedness. It is not mere helping, defending, healing, or “preventive medicine”. It must be nothing less than successive acts of transcendence and Gyn/Ecological creation. … The mindbinders and those who remain mindbound do not see the patterns of the cosmic tapestries, nor do they hear the labyrinthine symphony. For their thinking has been crippled and tied to linear tracks. Spiraling/Spinning is visible/audible to them only where it crosses the straight lines of what they call thinking.”

    For me RF is “both/and,” sometimes more analytical, other times more cosmological, still other times (on Life’s spiraling in multiple dimensions) a blend of both. This is obviously not how all RFs experience their ongoing process of freedom, and I honor that we are all individuals approaching liberation from what Mary Daly called each female Self’s telic centering principle.

    In Sisterhood.

  22. Oh, yes, and about this knowledge new to me from you: “… became curious about the Lilith archetype recently, I looked into her pre-history and found that men (of course) stole her from Inanna (she was originally her consort) and turned her into a demoness. She is therefore, in my psyche, associated with love, light, and healthy sexuality in women (meaning not male-centered and rather lesbian and female-centered).”

    It totally fits with the mid-point of patriarchal religious hypocrisy and rapism used to shift from pastoral goddess cultures to male rape-and-war empires. That transition included half-twisted reversals like the “twice born Athena” for Greek city-states and the war-protectoress Cybele preceding the Roman Empire’s five-century shift to conquering in the cross of christ.

    Very timely comment, too, for me personally. I’m shifting in my thought out of an 8-year RF political-lesbian-celibate mode into the possibility of meeting some real lesbians near my age. I’ve posted a C/L ad including Sappo’s poetry and Mary Daly on real lesbians (without regard to sexual preference split from Sisterhood) and female friendship first. I may be meeting somebody for tea this weekend. Who knows? But without RF analysis and the 8-year journey, even the idea would have been anathema. So it it a point of freedom that I am celebrating, just to explore what’s possible!

  23. As many feminists have written before me, our sciences have a male bias. We call the ramming of a phallus into a vagina “natural” because these processes have been around a long time. We call a lot of things “natural” for the same reason, like murder, rape, etc. But like many things that are natural, it doesn’t make them good nor does it make them the landing point in human evolution. For starters, look at the body defenses that human females have adapted against penetration — lubrication for one, which seems an utter waste of precious bodily fluids, but is crucial to protect delicate tissues. Then there’s the highly acidic environment of a body cavity, something that is not really healthy for a human being (and why so many of our medicines are alkaline). I could go on but I’m not a biologist or a medical person, more a jeffersonian amateurist.

    My point is that “natural” doesn’t equal good. It’s the unquestioning of biological destiny that gets humans into trouble.

  24. Then how come our bodies ask for it !! It demands it and gets ready for it. Like gets wetand stuff. If it is just empathy that wouldnt happen no ???

  25. As interesting as this read is, I could not help but feel a slight remorse for the shunning of the male genome. As a part of the universal whole, perhaps the male energy is to serve as a reflection of all that we refuse to accept as a part of divine balance. Perhaps man has the power to suck the energy from our roots simply because we perceive it that way. Perhaps you unconsciously submit your energetic cords to men through persistence of attention, negative or positive. When love of self and others is the ultimate goal in life, and the highest feeling one can experience, as well as one with all of creation, then it is only further separation from source to see man as anything less than a product of source to bring further enlightenment and empowerment. We give men power over our sexual intimacy with ourselves and others by feeding into the stigma in general, in acknowledging the imbalance you further fuel it, and by participating in resistance you boost the force. Stewing in resentment and condescension over men will only further your separation from your unveiled soul, as the highest perception is accepting of all, and sees purpose in all matter.

  26. “in acknowledging the imbalance you further fuel it”

    You’re literally suggesting that denial is a better strategy. I know you mean well, but that is what this means.

  27. It’s crazy because I’m married and have had mostly hetero PIV sex throughout my life, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. It DOES do something to your energetic field to have sex with a man. It creates a wound of some kind in the astral body. I’ve noticed after sex that my male partners have always seemed very relaxed and satisfied, while I feel more depleted and vulnerable. The normal thing is to eroticize these feelings, to cuddle with him afterward to re-establish a feeling of intimacy and human connection, in order to feel like you’re something more than just a receptacle. But the feeling persists. And I didn’t realize until you put it into words that that odd vulnerable feeling is actually a jarring feeling of disturbance on an energetic and spiritual level.

    You’ve given me something to think about here.

  28. This makes me feel so bad about myself. This makes me feel like I’m so damaged I could never love someone again. I love to have sex, with men, and women… I am very horny all the time. My last boyfriend, who I thought I loved very much, left me because I uprooted him so badly by having lots of sex with me and my off balanced root and sacral chakras… He got very anxious, and out of body.. So I am. I lost my virginity through rape, and have had lots of bad sexual experiences since that.. Gonna go see a therapist soon. I met a guy whose really into astral travel and very spiritual & I want to have sex with him too? I am so confused. Help ? Can I continue to live like this (because I like the way it makes me feel) and be a good being and one with my vessel and higher self?

  29. Don’t shame yourself, but do remember that shooting heroin feels good, too. This is not a competition to see who is better. It’s about loving and respecting yourself through self awareness so that yoi can identify where you are experiencing harm and take steps to defend, heal, and love yourself.

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